Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mary Jo Kilroy had a bad day.

3BP is getting youtube happy.


  1. Well if Rep. Foxx ever gave her a chance to actually answer...

    No she would rather only pretend to offer her time...

    We all just have to remember this financial meltdown occurred on the watch of President Bush and Republican Majorities in Congress. They turned a blind eye as these companies stripped the wealth from American families.

  2. Um. You may want to recheck your history.

  3. Right and nothing happened between 1999 and 2008. Now as a Democrat, I would like to forget most of the damage caused by the Bush administration, but looking at my 401k and the sorry state of the economy just wont let me.

    In case you continue to have a severe case of amnesia, I would suggest you take two minutes and read this:

  4. Your short-sightedness astounds me.

    We all know Social Security will eventually end up being insolvent someday, and that is because of the way it is structured...but will we blame that on the President that the insolvency happened under, or will we blame it on the roots of the problem?

    The same thing goes here...the roots of the problem started under Clinton. Now, I won't question Republicans are partly to blame -- but to say Democrats are innocent is just plain insane.

    No one questions Fannie and Freddie was the beginning of this crisis...their issues are what started the house of cards falling down. With that being said, watch this:


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