Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Guess who is still blocked from Ted Strickland on Twitter...

...this guy.

Realllllll mature, fellas.

Of course, being blocked from following the Guv doesn't mean I can't read his twitter page.

Wow. Ted sucks at this twitter thing, doesn't he?

And look at him - you'd think he'd quit napping while tweeting!

Guess that explains why he has 1/3 the number of followers as John Kasich.

And whoever writes his tweets clearly doesn't understand the point behind the social medium.

It's to interact and share ideas, no matter how brief. It's to tell people what you're thinking, not what you're doing.

"I'm visiting. I'm proud. I'm speaking. I'm visiting."


No wonder you look narcoleptic.

UPDATE: @CuyahogaGOP has informed us that they also have been blocked from following @Ted_Strickland on Twitter. And I welcome them to the club. So that brings into question - what can you do to get blocked from following the Governor? Join the club! All are welcome!


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