Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Apparently someone took Maturity 101 with Professor Redfern [UPDATE: Video added]

From the twitter account of the RGA's Executive Director:

We have Chris Redfern, the Chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party, calling conservatives "f***ers".
We have the Governor himself going unhinged and ranting about the evils of Republicans.
Is it no wonder it's come to this?

UPDATE: So this is what this campaign has boiled down to, eh? This shameful behavior is unacceptable. Let's hope the guy is identified and appropriately punished:

On a sidenote, sorta amazing how smug Lee Fisher looks despite the buttkicking he is currently receiving, eh?


  1. I seem to remember Chris Redfern and Mary Jo Kilroy making a big deal about some guy getting treated badly at a protest outside of Kilroy's local office in Columbus. It was reported in the media.

    Where are the Democrats now? You can hear the birds chirping.

  2. Is that Modern Esquire? Inquiring minds want to know.

  3. On the bright side, all it'll take to catch the guy is a single Strickland supporter deciding to do the right thing... you know, since the fifteen of them are on a first name basis!

  4. Looks like the guy has been criminally charged as he should be.

    But the RGA's Director implied in his tweet that this was Strickland's "people" (i.e. "staff")

    Clearly this was a douchebag supporter who should be prosecuted, not a staffer.

    Didn't John Kasich dump coffee on his Iowa Political Director when he was running for President?

  5. j. hart-

    The race is tied... so I guess that means Kasich only has fifteen supporters?

  6. One of the very clear differences between Republicans and Democrats is that Democrats call B.S. when civility is ignored, regardless who does it. Republicans, including some supporters of this blog, call it "fiction" when a Republican supporter acts impolitely, aggressively, or downright rude.

    All I hear is chirping when a Republican INTERN harasses and screams at Democratic candidates (e.g., Kevin Boyce). It took 3 major newspapers to out the individual who screamed and threw money at a person with a disability (watch the video, it goes beyond "treated badly") before he was suddenly "remorseful."

    If this tool was charged, he should be. I don't care if he's a Democrat or a Republican, you don't treat other people in such a manner. And by the way, both parties using "trackers" doesn't elevate any debate or politics. It smacks of the gotcha type mentality that doesn't get anything done. It appeals to the lowest common denomenator like a Maury Povich show. Ideas, platforms, facts, and solutions should be the main event of a campaign. Not rhetoric, spin, and editing an event (thanks Breitbart for making such an example!)


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