Wednesday, July 23, 2008

He's a witch!

For those that don't read it, The Corner is a blog that includes several contributors to the National Review. On the blog they post throughout the day on politics/policy.

They seem to be ok with Gov. Jindal, but the recent surge in talk of him being McCain's Vice-Presidential choice has really made them bring out an ever so subtle carving knife to cut the buzz on him.

Apparently back in college Jindal, a converted Catholic, witnessed and wrote a paper on an exorcism. The Corner has been obsessing over this all day in a very sly attempt to discredit the Governor as a potential VP candidate. While they've been talking a lot about his time as Governor, they keep bringing up the exorcism as something that hinders him. An example:

"The Exorcist as Veep? [Andrew Stuttaford]

Bobby Jindal seems like a smart guy, but I think he needs a successful stint as governor to exorcize, so to speak, the memory of some of his more esoteric spiritual adventures."
Just bringing it up is an effort to 'demonize' the Governor. While some Corner posters do defend him, the continued harping on the topic is clearly an effort to increase awareness of the incident and part of an effort(organized or not) to remove him from the mix.

As any who have read the blog know, the National Review has been in the bag for Romney since the primaries and they clearly are trying to knock out Jindal in a way that doesn't seem like a smear of his abilities as Governor. Pretty lame, in my opinion.

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