Wednesday, November 30, 2011

December Presidential poll

The GOP primary field is still very crowded and very fluid. A lot of changes have taken place in just the last couple of months. Let's try this again, without making the mistake from last time and getting spammed by you know who.

We will keep this open until midnight Sunday night. It won't let you vote more than once, so choose wisely. :-)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Chiquita move: facts you won't hear from the press. UPDATED

You're going to hear about this in the news today, especially if you live in the Cincinnati area. Chiquita is moving its headquarters out of Cincinnati to Charlotte, NC.
CINCINNATI -- It appears a fight to keep Chiquita in Cincinnati has ended.

Sources close to the negotiations tell News 5's John London that the company will move its headquarters to Charlotte, N.C.

The company employs about 400 people at its headquarters in downtown Cincinnati. Sources inside Chiquita said that employees were notified via email Tuesday morning and a conference call was scheduled for 11 a.m. to discuss the move.
Obviously, this is bad news for Ohio. Liberals are already giddy to blame the Kasich administration, accusing them of not acting, and some are making comparisons to when NCR left the state during Ted Strickland's tenure.

However, the facts are that the two situations are completely different.

Announcing a 3BP benevolence project. Please help.

We argue a lot with our political opponents about policy and about how to fix our nation's problems, but when you look at our problems compared to others in the world, we are very blessed. Even people in our country who are considered to be "in poverty" have easy access to life's most basic needs, like fresh, clean water. However, for over a billion people around the world, that isn't the case. They have to walk for miles just to get muddy, infected water from an open source. So we have decided to help do something about it. Please watch this short video.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Sherrod's Shameful Mediscare Routine

Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) doesn’t have a voting record ranked as far left as Socialist Bernie Sanders by accident; Sherrod thinks a bigger central government is the answer to every problem. In this video, Senator Brown applies his trademark class warfare to the issue of Medicare, instructing a gathering of teachers’ union members to indoctrinate their family, friends, and students against cruel conservatism:

More proof Obama is planning how to win without Ohio

There's been talk of it for weeks. We first shared it with you in August. Barack Obama is not very confident that he can win Ohio next year.

And now there's more evidence of it from National Journal.
Mr. Obama could lose Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, New Hampshire, Iowa and Indiana and still win re-election -- though that would mean having to win just about every other state he won last time...

Mr. Messina also said the campaign would focus on holding on to the "New South" states of Virginia and North Carolina that Mr. Obama won last time. It has gone all-out with its plan to have the Democratic convention in Charlotte in September.
Boy, that sure sounds like Obama is confident that he has lot of paths to victory. And that's exactly what they are trying to project: Confidence.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Ohio unions still spending members' money weeks after the election

So here we are, weeks after Issue 2 was defeated.  Well, at least we don't have to deal with being bombarded with the political ads anymore, right?


We Are Ohio is still spending money.  Since they are legally allowed to take dues from their members without their consent, they have plenty of sweet sweet dues cash to keep blowing.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ohio Right to Work Amendment: Right policy, wrong time.

It's been over two weeks since Ohioans rejected the reasonable government union reforms in Issue 2. Big Labor poured over $30 million into a campaign to persuade voters to stay with the status quo. But they also rejected a whopping 78% of school levies that requested additional funds to pay for the ever increasing costs of public union benefits. So in the end, the unions convinced voters that laying off more public workers is preferable to asking them to contribute a bit more to their own benefits.

Not two days later, there was already talk of a new union related referendum. Chris Littleton held a press conference to announce an initiative to amend the Ohio Constitution to make Ohio a "right to work" state.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Chrysler to Ohio Democrats: Shut it, fools.

Last week held great news for the Toledo area when Governor Kasich was on hand at Chrysler's Jeep plant to announce a $500 million expansion that will bring 1100 new jobs. It was truly good news, and most Ohioans celebrated the news of the deal. Most, except for Ohio Democrats, that is. They were actually releasing statements demanding that Governor Kasich not take any credit for helping to bring the new jobs to Ohio.

Ohio liberals blame would-be NYC bomber on...SB5?

Yep, the loonies over at Plunderbund have gone and jumped the shark again.

How does anyone take these guys seriously? They falsely quote the governor with no evidence to back up their slander. They claim that advocating for a right-to-work amendment is racist. And now they have found another new reason to oppose government union reform: it turns people into terrorists!

Sherrod Stands for Bigger Government

Sherrod Brown (D-OH) is the most liberal member of the United States Senate, according to NationalJournal vote rankings. Senator Brown supports the freaks of Occupy Wall Streetopposes free trade, and was the deciding vote for Obamacare.

That vote could be... problematic, as explained by likely 2012 challenger Josh Mandel:
We must not overlook the truly significant blow that Ohioans dealt Obamacare last week, with a mix of 2.2 million Democrats, Republicans and Independents rejecting this intrusion on individual liberty and family control over health care decisions.
Indeed, you would be pressed to find a statist boondoggle Sherrod Brown doesn’t love. Check out this rant from a Q&A session Sherrod held this spring with Ohio’s largest government union:

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Senate campaign begins...

Sherrod Brown has made a successful political career out of being one person in Ohio, where he talks about support for Ohio jobs, and another when he is in Washington, where he votes for liberal job killing policies.

Some examples would be that he cast the deciding vote for Obamacare, and he has supported "card check", which would effectively eliminate the secret ballot when employees vote whether or not to form a union.

Make no mistake, Brown is a talented politician in that he has convinced many voters that he is a mainstream populist, while the rest of us know that he is rated as the most liberal in the Senate (tied with others). The campaign against him will no doubt attempt to educate Ohio voters as to how extreme Sherrod Brown really is. Josh Mandel just fired the first round.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Josh Mandel calls out Sherrod Brown on Obamacare

Josh Mandel wrote an opinion piece that was published in the Washington Times.  Issue 3's huge victory clearly shows that Ohioans reject Obamacare, the bill for which Sherrod Brown cast the final and decisive vote. Read it here or at the Times website.


A couple of quick follow-ups to our post yesterday about the new jobs Governor Kasich's administration helped bring to Ohio.

Out of work for more than a year, Graylin Gunn said the Chrysler deal offers hope. THE BLADE/ANDY MORRISON

First, GOHP Blog has some additional information about the Republic Steel plant in Lorain. Guess what happened at that plant under Ted Strickland's tenure?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

1,100 new permanent jobs coming to Toledo. UPDATED: 450 more in Lorain.


Some great news today out of Toledo.  Governor Kasich and Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne announced that the company will invest $500 million in the Toledo plant and add a second shift, which will bring 1,100 new jobs.
“The decision we made clearly demonstrates the confidence we have in the Toledo Assembly complex, in its future, and moreover, in the commitment and quality of work of the people who work here,” Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne told a crowd of hundreds of workers as well as dignitaries including Gov. John Kasich, U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D., Toledo), and Toledo Mayor Mike Bell.
Kasich's number one priority is to bring jobs back to Ohio. Jobs are why he won the election, and why Ted Strickland was fired. Take this prophetic post from 3BP 2 years ago, and you start to get an idea of the contrast between the two governors.

Union "Progress" Could Mean Ohio's Bankruptcy

Ohio’s government unions claim to represent simple, positive principles. Good jobs. Workers’ rights. Progress. The reforms in Issue 2 were voted down because union bosses warned dramatically, expensively, and dishonestly how dark Ohio would be with elected officials controlling local governments. If voters realized union power leads to higher taxes, they may not have been as quick to torpedo reform.

The agitators at the top of the union pyramid can now justify for awhile longer “earning” six figures by taking it directly from public employees’ paychecks. However, the scare tactics that worked for Issue 2 weren’t so effective when local voters considered higher tax levies. This means the gravy train will leave the rails a bit faster than expected – but the unions have a solution!

Months before Governor Kasich balanced an estimated $8 billion deficit without raising taxes, unions were demanding we cough up more money to fund their unsustainable benefits and backwards policies. Unions rallied for higher taxes despite a state and local taxation trend that looks like this:

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sherrod Brown can't get enough Occupy Wall Street

As the socialist mob known as the "Occupy" movement gets more disgusting, more criminal, and more violent every day, you would think that politicians, and especially those who are running for reelection, would keep them at arms length. In the case of Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH), you would be wrong.

For Sherrod, what's not to like? We've already covered how Occupy Wall Street is a nakedly socialist movement. Being tied as the Senate's most liberal member with self-declared socialist Bernie Sanders, Brown's politics mesh with the movement perfectly. Of course, the people who support this mob change the terms to alter reality a bit. They refer to the radicals protesting as "the middle class" or "the 99%".

Warren Buffet's Secretary Needs a New Accountant

Warren Buffet and his favorite Liberal Barack Obama want the "Rich" to pay their fair share of taxes. Buffett wants the "Super Rich" to pay more in taxes. Buffett said that his rule would not impact someone making $50 million. Obama wants those who make $200,000 or more (single) and those who make more than $250,000 (couples) to pay more in taxes. New data from the Internal Revenue Service suggest that the "Rich" isn't what you think it is.

The IRS data indicates that someone who makes $154,643 would land in the top 5% of taxpayers in 2009. Someone who makes $343,927 would land in the top 1% of Taxpayers. So much for taxing millionaires and billionaires.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Ohio Dems despicable attempt to associate Josh Mandel with Naziism

How can you tell that Ohio Democrats are worried about Josh Mandel's chances of defeating Senator Sherrod Brown, the Senate's most liberal member?  When they start reducing themselves to pathetic and inexcusable attacks in an attempt to damage his character.  They've already begun, and it's downright disgusting.

You may remember Rich Iott, who ran against Marcy Kaptur in Ohio's 9th district last year. Iott used to be involved in historical reenactments of military battles, but the left found pictures of him in a Nazi uniform and accused Iott of being a Nazi. Iott also reenacted American and allied soldiers, but they didn't show you that. Using their same standard, the guys that dress up as Confederate soldiers for Civil War battles must all want to bring back slavery, right? Ultimately, the 9th is an impossible district for Republicans to win anyway (sorry, Joe the Plumber, but it's true), so Kaptur won easily, of course.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sherrod Brown insults Ohio voters, says they are confused

Sherrod Brown is jumping on the bandwagon loaded with Democrats who are denying that Issue 3's crushing victory is a rebuke of Obamacare. The reason? Just like we showed you with Ted Strickland, Sherrod thinks Ohio voters didn't understand the issue because there weren't any TV commercials.

Greg Sargent from the Washington Posts reports:
Stung by the defeat on the Ohio labor referendum, Republicans have sought to focus attention today on the vote that went their way — the Yes vote on the referendum repudiating an individual mandate. They say it represents a rebuke to one of Obama’s signature domestic initiatives in a key swing state in advance of 2012.

On the conference call I referenced earlier, Sherrod Brown was repeatedly prodded on this point. He rejected the claim, arguing that the labor fight had vast resources invested in it from both sides, and the health care fight didn’t.

“I didn’t see one ad,” Brown said. “The language on Issue 3 was confusing. They took one part of the bill and did a message amendment on it that didn’t have a lot of meaning.”

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lancaster firefighters' celebration is short-lived

Remember when we told you about Mayor David Smith of Lancaster? Like the We Are Ohio unions, he told people that Senate Bill 5 wouldn't help save firefighters jobs. He told his constituents that they needed to pay more taxes, instead.
City officials are asking voters on Nov. 8 to approve a 0.25-percentage-point increase in the city income tax for five years, raising it to 2 percent. The increase would generate $2.5 million annually to help balance next year’s budget, Smith has said.

“It’s critical,” Ward said. “If this doesn’t pass, I anticipate city hall having to lay off more firefighters.”
Guess what voters in Lancaster said about raising their taxes? A big fat NO.

WSYX 6's Reporting is Intoxicating

By now you have likely heard numerous stories regarding the defeat of Issue 2 last night.  Overall these reports and the reporters have approached the news in a fairly matter of fact, sober minded manner.

Then there is this report by WSYX's Dana Jay that is... shall we say less sober minded?
Just slightly.

Strike One!

I am sure that union members all over the country are giddy with delight over their effective repeal of Senate Bill 5. In my opinion, it's too early to celebrate.

Prior to the actual vote, polls indicated that Issue 2 would fail, and fail by a large margin. However, that is not the whole story. Various parts of the legislation enjoyed strong support according to a Quinnipiac poll.

A chart from the Wall Street Journal (using the Quinnipiac poll data) indicates that three key parts of the bill receive strong support from Ohioans.

Ted Strickland: I'm so proud of Ohioans on Issue 2, but your opinions on Obamacare are meaningless.

Hey there, Ohio. Last night former governor Ted Strickland weighed in on the election results. In a nutshell, he basically said this: "I'm so proud of my fellow Ohioans for siding with union bosses and deciding to lay off thousands of public employees, but I can't believe how misinformed you are about how great Obamacare is! When your opinion doesn't match mine, it is meaningless!" Watch.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ohio etches "NO to Obamacare" on its Constitution

Voting YES on Issue 3 today was personally satisfying. Several of us at 3BP were involved in collecting the signatures needed to put the Health Care Freedom Amendment on the ballot.

We don't believe that the government has the power to compel a person to purchase a product, just because they exist.

Fully 2/3 of Ohioans agreed today. The Obamacare mandate is now unconstitutional in Ohio.

That doesn't bode well for Barack Obama or Sherrod Brown in 2012.

Issue 2 defeated.

Alternate headline: here come the layoffs and the tax hikes!

Watch how many public employees, including lots of firefighters and police officers, are laid off in the not too distant future.

Kevin OBrien from the Plain Dealer said it well:
Advice to low-on-the-totem-pole union members: Don't bother celebrating. Do get your resumes in order.

While voters may have supported you on this issue, I'm betting in the vast majority of cases that they will NOT support you by voting for higher taxes to pay your increasingly expensive and generous benefits.

Voters had three choices: reform, higher taxes or layoffs. Since I see most school levies are failing, it looks like they chose "layoffs". It didn't have to be like this.

Keepin' it classy over there

Well, the polls have closed and everybody is waiting on the returns coming in. The polls have been showing bad news on Issue 2 and good news on Issue 3. In the meantime, check out some of the elevated discourse coming from the We Are Ohio folks on Twitter.

Looks like someone let Redfern run the Twitter account today...

Obligatory election day "Go vote!" post

Go vote YES on Issues 2 and 3!  Make sure your spouse and other family does too.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Cincinnati is broke, but pays out six figure checks for unused sick time and leave

The city of Cincinnati is broke.

Their 2011 budget includes a $55 million deficit.  Part of the problem is that Cincinnati public employees enjoy some of the most generous perks in the state.
The City Council-approved contracts include benefits that, among other things, permit manyworkers to draw 13 sick days a year, grant three weeks' worth of compensatory time to public safety employees for holidays whether they work them or not, and entitle veteran police officers to nearly 10½ weeks of various leaves annually.
That's bad enough, but here's what makes it even worse. These employees can save up all those days, and cash them in when they retire or leave for another job. It isn't rare for these payouts to be over six figures.

Help Ohio Fight Union Bosses and Obamacare!

From 2000-2010, Ohio lost 595,200 private industry jobs, faring better than only Michigan and California. In 2010 the state had the 7th-highest tax burden and 47th-best business climate. Although Governor Kasich has been working since January to get Ohio back on track, the forces of statism are deeply entrenched.

As public record proves, many of these folks get rich portraying big government as a moral imperative:

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Unions Don't Care About Taxpayers

Back when the professional staff of the Ohio Education Association (OEA) had an official blog, this endearing quote from Socialist author Jack London was featured in the right column of every page:
“Esau was a traitor to himself: Judas Iscariot was a traitor to his God; Benedict Arnold was a traitor to his country; a strikebreaker is a traitor to his God, his country, his wife, his family and his class.”
Did you know the rough-and-tumble business of taking six figures from teachers to demonize school boards and extort taxpayers was like the 19th-century Canadian tundra? Yeah, neither did I.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Now We're Talking Turkey!

For months "We Are Ohio" and their union allies have boasted about their thousands of 'volunteers'.  It's the basis of their claim to being a grassroots group.  But these unions have always had a funny definition of the word 'volunteer'.  Their army of 'volunteers' are actually people paid for their time.  They previously spent nearly one million dollars on signature gathering, and with the election drawing to a close they have a new way to pay for people's time.

Take a Walk - Get a Turkey!

BLS confirms 43% wage gap between public and private sector

Both the pro-reform Building a Better Ohio, and the anti-reform unions have been touting different studies that seek to compare the average wages for the public sector versus the private sector.

On the anti-reform side, the unions have been promoting a study performed by the Economic Policy Institute (EPI). The EPI study says that public employees earn 6% less than their private-sector counterparts. Hardly neutral, the EPI is decidedly pro-union and very liberal. Lawrence Mishel, EPI's President, is a long-time member of the Democratic Socialists of America.

Furthermore, their study was written by Rutgers Professor Jeffrey Keefe. If you recall, we featured a story about Keefe in which he was recorded agreeing to kill research that didn't come to a conclusion that the teachers' union wanted. He also admitted that EPI definitely has an agenda.

All of that makes EPI's study less than trustworthy.

Pre-Kasich Deficit Forecasts: The $2000 Club

In the union universe where We Are Ohio represents mainstream voters, there are two types of people: those who support limitless power for government union bosses, and evil fat-cats eager to throw Ohio schoolchildren off a cliff. Advocates of smaller government are shunned as racist yokels while the useless hipsters of Occupy Wall Street are heroes for standing up to the man.

Governor Kasich, elected last fall to get Ohio back on track after years of mismanagement, is the perfect recipient for union blame when it comes to local budget problems. He even worked for Lehman Brothers! The breathless protest signs write themselves.

However, reality in Ohio (as everywhere else) is cruel to the Progressive mindset. Check out the cost per citizen of these school districts’ projected 2015 deficits… based on forecasts submitted October 2010:
Cuyahoga Heights Local School District $3,388
Canal Winchester Local School District $3,139
Mogadore Local School District $2,708
Ottawa Hills Local School District $2,569
Pickerington Local School District $2,369
Spencerville Local School District $2,132
Olentangy Local School District $2,121
Lordstown Local School District $2,110
Licking Heights Local School District $2,021
Shortfalls projected in October 2010 weren’t limited to this list; out of just over 600 districts, 59 warned of deficits amounting to $1,000 or more for every resident. 260 districts estimated 2015 deficits amounting to $500 or more per resident. See the forecasts for your county here.

Employees have "No confidence" in teachers' union boss

There’s something union front We Are Ohio doesn’t want you to know about their largest donor, the Ohio Education Association: OEA has such a history of internal strife, it’s obvious OEA bosses are awful negotiators. This is a tiny problem for people who siphon millions from teachers on the strength of their negotiating skills, don’t you think?

Signs placed by OEA staff during a 2010 strike encouraged their Executive Director to kill himself
I’ve covered in depth the unlovely things OEA staff have said about union bosses, but they pale compared to this:
The 110 member Professional Staff Union (PSU) has voted overwhelmingly “…to declare a lack of confidence in the Executive Director of the Ohio Education Association to lead the professional staff or to implement the program of the Ohio Education Association effectively.
Emphasis in the May 31, 2010 original (view as PDF), which I printed from an official OEA staff blog before it vanished from public view weeks after I began sharing quotes. Coincidence!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Democrats still pushing lies about public union benefits even after they're debunked. *UPDATED*

A few weeks ago, we told you about Doug Stern, who was traveling around the state lying to the media about what he pays for health insurance.
Stern said that as a Cincinnati firefighter, he also pays 20 percent toward his health-care premiums. A 2011 survey by the State Employment Relations Board showed that, on average, public employees are paying between 9.5 and 11  percent of their health-care premiums.
The problem for the media is that they printed what he said and reported it as fact. When the Columbus Dispatch found out, they printed a correction.
Cincinnati firefighters pay 5 percent of their health-insurance premiums. Because of incorrect information provided to The Dispatch, a story on Page B1 of Wednesday’s Metro & State section included a different percentage.
That should've been the end of the story. Unfortunately, it isn't. Democrats and activists for We Are Ohio will say ANYTHING to get you to vote against the needed reforms in Issue 2.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Show up to work stoned? No problem for some Ohio public union employees.

Part of the purpose of Senate Bill 5 is to keep local government officials from giving away the store and costing taxpayers unnecessary funds.  This gets to the root of the main difference between who is negotiating with private-sector and public-sector unions.

Private-sector unions sit across the table from a for-profit business. A business has to operate on its profits or go out of business. They aren't likely to give too much away, because they are in some way personally invested. On the other hand, public-sector unions are negotiating with elected officials. While most are good managers of the public's money, some are not. Elected official have no personal stake at risk, no "skin in the game", since they are negotiating with the public's money. Other people's money. Unlike a private company, you need not have experience or success to earn that management position, you simply have to get elected. As we've seen only too well with President Downgrade, getting elected doesn't make you a good leader.

With Friends Like These...

Yesterday we let you know that "We Are Ohio" is bringing in admitted communist Van Jones to support their efforts to defeat Issue 2.  Today the left brought in yet another class warfare warrior with communist sympathies.

Jesse Jackson.  

Having previously visited Ohio during the legislative debate over Senate Bill 5, Jackson came back today at the invitation of the American Association of University Professors union's chapter at the University of Toledo.

Lancaster mayor who laid off firefighters says Issue 2 won't help, wants higher taxes instead

The city of Lancaster recently closed one of its firehouses, after laying off 13 firefighters.
LANCASTER -- Engine House 3 has been shut down indefinitely, and Lancaster will have just two firehouses covering a city of 18.84 square miles and more than 37,000 people.

"It's going to be a very fluid situation with all these changes going on," said Lancaster Fire Assistant Chief Dave Ward.

The layoffs took effect on Monday. Engine 3 and Medic 3 are being stored at Engine House 3, 1596 E. Main St.

A huge tarp was put across Engine House 3, saying it was closed and that if you have an emergency need, call 911.
What's more, Mayor David S. Smith is asking for an increase in the city's income tax.

Alternative to Issue 2? $1500 Local Deficits

Inconveniently for the union bosses fighting to kill Senate Bill 5, school district budget forecasts are public record. So, when the people who get rich driving up the cost of government try to blame local deficits on Governor Kasich, it’s easy to disprove their lie. Government unions have put pressure on Ohio taxpayers for years, and there are reams of data to support this fact.

My previous post listed 21 Ohio school districts whose October 2010 forecasts warned of 2015 deficits amounting to $1,200 – $1,500 per resident. As I noted, those districts aren’t the worst examples:
  • Beavercreek City School District: $1,827
  • South Range Local School District: $1,742
  • Mason City School District: $1,689
  • Adams County/Ohio Valley Local School District: $1,678
  • Wilmington City School District: $1,652
  • Strongsville City School District: $1,593
  • Little Miami Local School District: $1,576
  • Warrensville Heights City School District: $1,529
Based on Census Bureau records, every resident of these 8 districts would have to pay more than $1,500 to cover projected deficit costs – and these are not outliers. In 2010, just over 600 school districts submitted five-year forecasts to the Ohio Department of Education. More than 450 districts forecast deficits amounting to at least $100 per resident.

If the union smear campaign wins and Issue 2 is defeated, what options will elected leaders have for dealing with these deficits? Massive tax hikes, widespread layoffs, severe program cuts… or all of the above. Government union reform will restore a little power from unabashed class-warriors to the local officials we elect. Vote Yes on Issue 2!

For more Issue 2 coverage, follow me on Twitter: @jasonahart
Cross-posted from that hero.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"We Are Ohio" bringing in admitted communist Van Jones

Over the past few weeks, we have brought your attention to how the unions behind the front group "We Are Ohio" are intertwined with the radical socialist/communist movement in America.

First, we laid out for you who funds the vast majority of We Are Ohio's campaign, and how they have expressed not only support, but coordination and accomodations for the "Occupy" movement, which is made up almost entirely of socialists who want to overthrow the American economy.

Then, we showed you that their "Statewide Youth Outreach Coordinator" is deeply involved in the "Occupy" protests around Ohio, and openly decribes himself as a "revolutionary" whose goal is to implement communism in America.

Now, "We Are Ohio" is hosting an official event with another radical self-admitted communist. Van Jones.

Ohio dodged a bullet when Kasich killed the slow-speed train

Bad pun definitely intended.

Time and time again, these feel good rail project end up increasing in cost many times over.  The latest example comes out of California.
Faster than a speeding bullet train, the cost of the state's massive high-speed rail project has zoomed to nearly $100 billion -- triple the estimate given to voters and more than enough to run the entire state government for a year.

We Are Ohio still standing with "Occupy" vermin

Previously on 3BP, we've highlighted how "We Are Ohio" stands hand in hand with the socialist vermin behind the "Occupy Wall Street" movement, even employing a self-described communist revolutionary.

They don't seem to apologize for this relationship, and in fact, are continuing it. This week, several members of the teachers union will lock arms with the fleabaggers and encourage you to vote no on Issue 2.

The Cost of Voting No on 2

Opponents of the reforms in Issue 2 blame busted local budgets on the way Governor Kasich handled the $8 billion deficit Ted Strickland left behind. In effect, government union bosses who thrive on a broken status quo insist the problem is too little spending. Like all leftists who decry spending cuts, union bosses want to raise our taxes.

For proof, consider Ohio school districts’ five-year forecasts from October 2010. Based on papered-over Strickland state figures – before Governor Kasich was even elected – districts projected major shortfalls by 2015. If we vote down Issue 2, how will local leaders cover these deficits? Layoffs, higher taxes, program cuts… choose any combination of the three.