Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Strickland leads Kasich. Sorta.

The first poll matching up Kasich and Strickland for the Ohio Governor's race show some questionable results. This PPP(D) poll has the current Borrower-in-Chief up by 6 over everyone's favorite budgethawk.

Buuuuut, you may not want to take these numbers too seriously. Why?

For example, only 52% of blacks surveyed supported Strickland. This is most assuredly going to be higher come election day. Also, 66% of those polled by PPP were 46 or over. For comparison's sake, only 53% of the voting population in 2008 were in the same age bracket. Think that was just an Obama phenomona? Nah. In 2004, the same demographic was 54% of the electorate. Now, in non-Presidential election years, it's understood that the 46+ age group will comprise a slightly larger number of the voting public than normal, but not 12-13% more.

Expectedly, Strickland is much more well-known than Kasich.

We have about a year 'til things start publicly heating up. Strickland's massive budget cuts, higher than national average Ohio unemployment and continued inability to provide his promised education plan will provide a lot of ammo for Kasich's campaign.

Kasich is personable, has a massive record of accomplishment and will have well-developed solutions for what ills the Buckeye state.

The unknown variable is how the national mood will affect the race.

'Til then, do what you can do to help. And that means helping John's PAC - Recharge Ohio. Even if you can't send money, please forward the link to friends and family so they can proactively begin the fight to take back our State.

You want to see the Ohio GOP turnaround? This is how you do it. Help Kasich win.

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