Tuesday, February 24, 2009

And that....is the rest of the story.

Yesterday, John Ziegler, creator of Media Malpractice, took Norah O'Donnell to task on the media bias vs. Sarah Palin in the last election.

While I agree with much of what Ziegler said, he provides an easy deflection for the journalists interviewing him when he says comedy shows are looked at as news by the general public. This statement is much too simple an analysis and easily dismissed by the mainstream media. Ziegler needs to take it one step further.

It's true that the public accepts shows such as SNL or the Daily Show as instruments to develop their opinion. They are smart enough to recognize they are simply comedy shows. But the public doesn't account for the bias inherent within these shows. The electorate trusts comedy news shows to use accurate information as a basis for their parody. They subconsciously ask themselves, "why would Tina Fey play Palin as a moron if it wasn't true?"

So yes, while Jon Stewart is allowed to call his news 'fake' all he wants, the fact is he still has a responsibility to play both sides for the fools they are.

h/t: hotair.com

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