Monday, February 9, 2009

The Great Golf Cart Famine of 2009

$300 million for "golf carts": "$300 million has been allocated in the stimulus bill for modern golf carts and other forms of environmentally friendly modes of transportation. The Democrats thought they could fool you by renaming the money earmarked for golf carts in the stimulus bill as paying for 'neighborhood electric vehicles' and 'low speed motor vehicles.'
And everyone gets a $1,500 tax credit to get one. Yep, that works out to 200,000 brand spankin' new golf carts wandering our majestic countrysides.

One of four things are occurring:

1) Our country is suffering a massive shortage in development of newer/faster/stronger golf carts.

2) We're starting to take the Ryder Cup a little too seriously as a nation and are going to war with Billy Madison as our savior.

3) The Democratic Congressional majority is full of blithering idiots.

4) Or maybe David Obey is just a huge fan of the Charlie Sheen epic, 'Navy Seals'.

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