Monday, July 11, 2011

Don't You Love It When Politicians Suggest You are Uninformed?

Yesterday, Obama had a press conference to discuss the "progress" of the debt ceiling talks with our representatives. After a "question" from the media suggesting that the GOP is not cooperating with the process of raising the debt limit, Obama went into a "education mode." We need to realize that we are uninformed. To understand the disconnect from reality, you have to experience it as it was delivered.

According to Obama, the American people are not paying attention to what is going in Washington. If the American people are not paying attention, how does Obama explain the beat down in November of 2011? Obama said "We're paid to be worried about" what is going in Washington. If that is correct, the American people should ask for their money back. Unlike the American people, Obama continues to live beyond his means and wants the American people to make a large payment on the governments credit card so he can spend even more.

What is most interesting is Obamas thoughts on the debt ceiling and the tax increases he wants to clean up the fiscal mess he has made. Here are two actual excerpts from previous comments made by the Spender-in-Chief. I agree with both comments.

President Obama himself voted against raising the debt ceiling in 2006 saying:

“The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.”

In August 2009, on a visit to Elkhart, Indiana to tout his stimulus plan, Obama sat down for an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd, and was conveyed a simple request from Elkhart resident Scott Ferguson:

“Explain how raising taxes on anyone during a deep recession is going to help with the economy Obama agreed with Ferguson’s premise – raising taxes in a recession is a bad idea. “First of all, he’s right. Normally, you don’t raise taxes in a recession, which is why we haven’t and why we’ve instead cut taxes. So I guess what I’d say to Scott is – his economics are right. You don’t raise taxes in a recession. We haven’t raised taxes in a recession.”

Now that we are deeper in debt than when these two comments were made, Obama wants both a raise in the debt ceiling and to raise taxes. He wants the American people, particularly the most productive people to bail him out of his disastrous economic policies and his inability to "live within his means." The problem isn't the people who are not in the room, it't the people who are in the room.


  1. From the Media Research Center:
    Media Softballs to Obama: Why Won't Republicans 'Budge' on Tax Increases?

    Six out of seven reporters, called on by Barack Obama at today's press conference, asked a question of the President that came from the left and/or blamed Speaker John Boehner and the Republicans for standing in the way of a deal on the debt ceiling. Ben Feller of the AP, began the trend of questioning when he asked how Obama was going to deal with Republicans who were "adamantly" opposed to tax increases. CBS News' Chip Reid followed with "isn't the problem the people who aren't in the room, and in particular Republican presidential candidates and Republican Tea Partiers on the Hill?"

  2. From a Gallup poll released this morning:

    "Americans' general opposition to raising the nation's debt ceiling limit -- at least in the abstract -- does not primarily reflect low public awareness of the president's warnings about the perils of not raising it. In fact, the majority of Americans who say they are following the issue very closely oppose it, and are more concerned about the impact that raising the debt limit would have on future U.S. deficit spending than the possibility of an economic crisis if it is not raised."

    It seems time for Obama to eat his peas, and stop the scare tactics.

  3. And that's the problem. We weren't paying attention. We were focused on our lives and made the foolish assumption that the people we elected had our best interest at heart.

    Well now that we've run out of other people's money the sad facts are staring us in the face. The politicians cheated us, repeatedly and offer us, at this point very little choice between the Democrats and Republicans.

    If this situation doesn't result in fundamental change, if the Democrats and the unions win, we will face two options:
    (1) Say goodbye to our money and freedom forever.

    (2) Open revolt.

    I don't hear Obama and Boehner speaking as if they are afraid of option 2, so I'm betting we're goners.

  4. What November 2011 beat down?

    I love how with Obama pushing for a deficit reduction twice as large as Boehner's you guys are talking about how OBAMA has to eat his peas.

    Your actually DEFENDING Republicans for refusing to get rid of tax breaks you've yourself said don't help the economy...

    Still waiting for this site, then to blast Kasich for endorsing Obama's plan.

  5. "Your actually DEFENDING Republicans for refusing to get rid of tax breaks you've yourself said don't help the economy..." Huh???? These tax breaks are peanuts in the grand scheme of things. Anybody serious knows that serious spending cuts are needed.


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