Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Words Without Meaning from the Spender-in-Chief

I heard the current occupant of the White House say (for at least the 3rd time) that "We need to live within our means." This coming from a President that is on track for his third trillion dollar budget deficit. However, Obama's definition of "living within our means" is to have people pay more in taxes. If Obama had an economic advisor with a brain, he would know that we don't have a revenue problem. We have a spending problem. Imagine if a family member was spending more than they earned, what would you tell them to do? "Spend less" is the answer. But noooooooo, Obama wants to protect the nanny state he has created. I would be willing to pay more in taxes to get American on the right path, but I am not willing to pay more in taxes when it's going to feed a budget monster that needs to go on a serious fiscal diet.


  1. Here is an excerpt from AEI blog is right on point for your post.

    "Here’s Obama yesterday:

    Now, I’ve heard reports that there may be some in Congress who want to do just enough to make sure that America avoids defaulting on our debt in the short term, but then wants to kick the can down the road when it comes to solving the larger problem of our deficit. I don’t share that view. I don’t think the American people sent us here to avoid tough problems. That’s, in fact, what drives them nuts about Washington, when both parties simply take the path of least resistance. And I don’t want to do that here.

    I believe that right now we’ve got a unique opportunity to do something big — to tackle our deficit in a way that forces our government to live within its means, that puts our economy on a stronger footing for the future, and still allows us to invest in that future."

    You can't make this #%&! up!

  2. In addition, SEIU union employees have been excused from work and paid by the union since May to campaign against SB5. These same employees informed their workplace that they will not be returning to THEIR WORKPLACE until NOVEMBER. Again, paid by the union.

    Thus your figure of 450 employees is only a partial one. One can only imagine how many paid unionists are out there working against the will of the people and for their own benefit.


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