Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Reality Of Sherrod Brown's FOP Endorsement

So a union endorses a Democrat and somehow that’s making headline news? Even the liberal blogs are making it a big deal:

Of course, that statement sounds more impressive than it factually is. Just take a look at the U.S. Senate races in Ohio since 1988. The FOP endorsed candidate is in BOLD:

  • 2010: ROB PORTMAN vs. Lee Fisher
  • 2006: MIKE DEWINE vs. Sherrod Brown
  • 2004: GEORGE VOINOVICH vs. Eric Fingerhut
  • 2000: MIKE DEWINE vs. Ted Celeste
  • 1998: GEORGE VOINOVICH vs. Mary Boyle
  • 1994: MIKE DEWINE vs. Joel Hyatt
  • 1992: John Glenn vs. MIKE DEWINE
  • 1988: HOWARD METZENBAUM vs. George Voinovich
See a pattern? The FOP seldom endorses anyone but incumbents.

The exceptions?

When there was no incumbent, the FOP endorsed the only candidate with a chance to win. In 1994, Joel Hyatt (D) had no name ID, since he wasn’t an elected official anywhere. In 1998, Mary Boyle (D) was a Cleveland-area state representative running against a Cleveland-area Republican. And in 2010, Lee Fisher (D), well, his campaign skills were functionally non-existent.

The only other exception? The election of 1992, they endorsed the tough-on-crime former prosecutor Mike DeWine (R), over the incumbent Democrat, John Glenn, just a few years after Glenn was implicated in the Keating Five corruption scandal.

Can’t exactly get the police endorsement fresh off of allegations you broke the law.

So the Brown endorsement is nothing new. Heck, it’s even less news than a union endorsing a Democrat. It’s just an organization endorsing incumbents.

Way to go out on a limb, FOP.

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  1. LOL!!!! Great spin. Some of your best work!

  2. Obviously, this endorsement isn't about who is the best candidate to represent the ENTIRE state of Ohio but who they believe is the best candidate to represent their UNION!

    "Senator Brown was one of our strongest allies in the fight against SB5, Issue 2," said FOP president Jay McDonald, referring to the collective bargaining law that was repealed by voters last November thanks in part to heavy opposition to it from organized labor, including Ohio's first responders."

    How many OH communities are having to make substantial cut backs to police, fire, teachers because of SB5 being voted down? The state of OH be damned just as long as they continue to receive their automatic salary and benefit increases (even though for most communities/the state, these increases are unsustainable).

    Ohioans fell for the unions "rhetoric" hook line and sinker and now the only choices our communities/state have are to either raise taxes to continue to pay the public sector unions or layoff workers. And who exactly are getting laid off--any union bosses--didn't think so!!!

    Interesting that in my community--when the push was on to oppose SB5, we saw police cars all over the community; sort of a "hey, look at us, we're here for you" type of move. Since SB5 was voted down, haven't seen one cruiser patrolling. Why is that?

    When are you people in these unions going to realize that your "bosses" don't have your best interest in mind?

  3. Questions for ALL members of FOP. . .

    Are your "union" dues coerced?

    Do you agree with the union bosses spending your "dues" on political campaigns?

    Do you support the political campaigns that your union dues are spent on (ie, Sherrod Brown)?

    Do the benefits your union bosses say they provide you with out weigh the political shenanigans they participate in to (1) fund THEIR fav politico and (2) to keep their high-paying positions?

    Have you ever thought about not paying your dues because you don't support the actions/comments/efforts of the union bosses?

    Have you ever thought about standing up and speaking out or are you content to just go along for the sake of the "brotherhood"?

  4. This spin is a major reason people do not trust partisan politics. The FOP is a traditionally right leaning organization, especially for a "union". The fact that they think Sen Brown is a better senatorial candidate than Josh Mandel is interesting. It has little to do with "incumbent endorsing" and more to do with the FOP endorsing the candidate the best suited for the job. For the GOP to eviscerate the endorsement shows that it is all about party. It would be interesting to see the spin if there were no endorsement or if Mandel was endorsed.

    The primary question is: is this a shift from the GOP seeking the FOP endorsement....apparently, the GOP does not value the FOP any longer.


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