Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Congressman Tim Ryan arrested for public drunkenness

Congressman Moonbeam is back in the news. Remember this guy? He's the congressman from Ohio who thinks the answer to our problems is to...meditate with raisins.
A Plain Dealer article from Saturday goes into more detail, but the idea of staring at a raisin comes from one of the first exercises behind this way of thinking. A student gazes at a raisin and holds it to their lips without eating it then they squeeze the raisin to hear its sound. By the time they actually eat the raisin they are aware of all of the sensory urges that it elicits. Apparently the awareness is the lesson.
Today, the Washington Post reported that Tim Ryan was arrested in Virginia in August for stumbling around in public in a state of apparent intoxication.

When asked by the Plain Dealer to explain himself, Ryan, who wants to be governor, said he was walking funny due to "an old football injury."

Uh...sure. This guy travels the country telling people about how much healthier he is because of his raisin fondling, but he can't walk down the street without appearing drunk to an experienced police officer?

Ryan got his case dismissed, probably due to being a Congressman. Lucky for him. I don't think "mindfulness" would go over too well in the joint.


  1. How weird that the press didn't get wind of this before the election. Just stunning...

  2. Remember that Dubya and Cheney both had DWI arrests? Yeah, I'm sure you don't.

  3. I love how that's the rule for Democrats under Obama:

    "If Bush did it, then its OK for us to do it too."

    I know how logic rarely dictates the actions and beliefs of liberals, but come on! They've gotta be able to see the hypocrisy in perennially bashing everything and everyone on the right, and then going out and doing those things themselves. Right?

    BTW there were 20 years between the year that W got a DUI and ran for office for the first time, 16 for Cheney. Tim Ryan was arrested for DUI in an election year. Not that either is good, but one is certainly worse. (Hint: Tim Ryan getting arrested for DUI in an election year is worse)

    And yes, I ate my raisin bran today.

  4. *Public intox allegation, not a DUI. Read the story.


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