Thursday, August 7, 2008

Elect Babyface!

FirstRead reports that the McCain campaign is going to make a very good decision awfully soon:
"Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has spoken with the McCain campaign about a “prominent speaking role” at the convention, possibly the keynote, according to Louisiana Republican Party Chairman Roger Villere."
I've been pushing for this for quite some time. Jindal would be a great VP candidate if it weren't for his age. He's a very solid conservative who has accomplished more in his time serving Louisiana than the Democratic nominee for President ever has. However, his age may be a serious turn off to voters.

Jindal is one of the few bright young stars of the GOP. The opportunity to keynote the convention will propel him into being a leading contender in 2012 if McCain falters.

Of course, I don't even think he's old enough to have kids.

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