Thursday, August 28, 2008

Liveblogging the Obamessiah's speech...

10:10 - I'm pretty sure he's speaking from a chinese food box.

10:12 - Tiniest. Flag. Pin. Ever.

10:13 - Fine. His kids are cute. I admit it.

10:14 - Hillary says you can get off your knees now.

10:16 - BUSH! BAAAADDD!!!!

10:18 - I'm pretty sure this is the same speech as 4 years ago.

10:18 - Cheap applause lines about vets and Katrina. Lame.



10:21 - How long til we hear about a confused McCain?

10:22 - Can someone get Obama the latest economic numbers? Thanks.

10:22 - Thanks, Phil Gramm. Ugh.

10:23 - "(McCain) just doesn't know." Well that confused thing didn't take long.

10:24 - "He doesn't get it."

10:24 - OLD? OLD?!?! THAT WAS SUBTLE! Ha.

10:25 - "You're on your own." Well yeah, because we aren't socialists.

10:27 - Dude. Enough stories. Just tell us what you want to do as President. Sheezus.

10:30 - I just noticed the background on his closeups make it look like he's in a geisha bath house.

10:33 - INVESTMENT = Raising your taxes

10:36 - He set this section of the speech up as one about policy specifics.... he lied.

10:37 - "Equal pay for women" = VOTE FOR ME HILLARY CLINTON SUPPORTERS!!! Maybe Obama should start with his own staff.

10:38 - He'll cut wasteful programs? Wait. What? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!111ELEVENTY!!!

10:39 - He's ready for a debate? Ok, let's get caught up on those Town Hall meetings you've to refused to participate in.

10:41 - God, I can't wait for the debates Obama claims he so desperately wants.

10:42 - We're not saying DEMOCRATS won't keep us safe....Just the ones with bad judgement and willing to sacrifice sound policy for politics.

10:44 - THE SAVIOR HAS COME!!!! And he's an idiot.

10:48 - "If you don't have a record to run on..." HAHAHAHAHA! Hmm...yeah, that reminds me of someone.

10:51 - "More wealth than any other nation....the best Universities".... wait a sec, I thought we just got done learning how crappy things were.

10:54 - "We cannot turn back!" :throws up:

10:56 - Wait a sec. COUNTRY MUSIC?!!?!??! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Ok. I can't take it anymore. DJ Tablesauce out.

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