Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Zzzzzzz....wait, what....?

I've had a couple emails from people asking why I haven't yet commented on the first night of the Democratic Convention.

Pretty simple really.... there wasn't anything really to comment on. For what they were trying to accomplish, the Dems did a good job. So I guess the question is, 'what were they trying to accomplish'?

Did they really need an entire evening dedicated to an improved perception of Mrs. Obama? Nope. What they did need was a non-confrontational, kum-bay-ya evening where Democrats could embrace being Democrats. Obama's team is starting to learn they aren't going to win every single swing voter. What they need to focus on is securing each and every Democrat. This seems like a smart strategy considering the clear advantage Democrats have nationwide over Republicans when it comes to how Americans identify themselves.

Obama's campaign understands Tuesday and Wednesday have the potential to be frightingly unstable and unsettling to their national Party. If Hillary's base acts up in ways many consider quite possible, the unity Obama requires in order to be victorious on Nov4 is left in shambles with only 60-some days to clean up the mess.

So night 1 was dedicated to provide a unified, Democratic message. They celebrated their past and honored their heroes. They tried to make everyone in that hall and every traditional Democrat watching at home proud of their Party.

Now they just need to hope that doesn't fall apart with one giant Hillary bitchslap.

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