Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Athens County Commissioner arrested for domestic violence again

Democrat Mark Sullivan, an Athens County Commissioner, has been arrested for head-butting his niece in the face.
Sullivan is accused of head-butting his niece, Samantha Sullivan, Tuesday evening. Nelsonville police responded to Sullivan's Nelsonville Woodland Drive residence and took him into custody, booking the commissioner into the Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail at 7 p.m.
WOUB also reports:
Mark Sullivan is being released from the Southeast Ohio Regional Jail on his own recognizance, but has been ordered to have no contact with his niece.

That means he has to find a new place to live, since he lives with his niece.
Yes, folks. Mark Sullivan, 59 years old, lives with his mom. Maybe he wouldn't have needed to move back in with his mother if it weren't for his many legal issues. This wasn't his first time in trouble with the law.

Last year, Sullivan was also arrested for domestic violence after reportedly hitting his wife.
Athens County Commissioner Mark Sullivan has pleaded guilty to a reduced charge in a domestic violence case. On Tuesday, Sullivan pleaded guilty in Athens County Municipal Court to persistent disorderly conduct, and was fined $250.

Judge Thomas Cornn also gave Sullivan 30 days in jail, suspended on condition that he perform 25 days of community service, and complete counseling and a domestic violence intervention program.
Sounds like the intervention program isn't working out so well.  It doesn't end there. In 2010, Sullivan was arrested for disorderly conduct and spent the night in jail after getting drunk and causing trouble at a local bar.
Athens County Commissioner Mark Sullivan was arrested in Nelsonville Saturday night for allegedly being drunk and disorderly in a bar, and a minor drug abuse charge was added after officers at the regional jail found two prescription drug tablets in his pocket.

[Police Chief] Wallace said his department responded to a call from the Mine Tavern on Nelsonville's Public Square that Sullivan was causing trouble, and when asked by officers, Sullivan agreed to leave the premises.

However, the chief said, the commissioner then returned to the bar later in the night, and when police were called again, they arrested him. Based on a police incident report, the arrest appears to have taken place shortly before 11 p.m.
To top it all off, Sullivan is also under investigation for growing pot. His wife claimed that he grew it on the property and dried it inside the house.
Blackburn said that on July 20, Sullivan's wife, Tammie Sullivan who has previously made allegations of domestic violence against the commissioner called the Athens County Sheriff's Office to report that pot plants were growing behind the couple's home. Reportedly, she also claimed marijuana had been dried upstairs in the home. She allegedly directed officers to the plants and also produced marijuana seeds from a vehicle. Officers seized 39 plants, according to Blackburn.
Despite the plants and the seeds, Sullivan says he is innocent.

It's gotten to the point where Democrat-friendly newspapers The Athens News and The Athens Messenger have urged the Democrat to resign.

But this is Athens County, where the largest employer is Ohio University. It's easily one of the most left-wing counties in the state. Sullivan knows that he can misbehave, and his Democrat constituents will keep voting for him.

He has been in office since 1999, and is running for reelection. He faces primary challanges, but is expected to win both the primary and the general election. Gotta love those crazy liberals in Athens County. We're still waiting for the Ohio Democratic Party to ask him to resign.


  1. He should fight that drunk Jarrod Martin!

    1. ORP told Martin to retire and cut him off. ODP seems to be OK with this guy, though.

  2. "But this is Athens County, where the largest employer is Ohio University. It's easily one of the most left-wing counties in the state. Sullivan knows that he can misbehave, and his Democrat constituents will keep voting for him."
    --I doubt people, or the women of Athens County, would vote for a public official with repeated arrests for causing physical harm to women. There are simple things people can do if he won't resign. Leaving the job up to the News and the papers may inform the community who pays attention to such. You must remember the largest employer, has a great deal of regular commuters who transit from outside areas. In addition to being the largest employer in Athens County, Ohio University does bring left-wing, but also open minded students developing their political affiliations. Despite party affiliation, left wing, or right wing, if people were aware of these violations that would prevent any of the normal citizenry of securing even the most basic of jobs with that reputation.

    I suggest, to those who would like to see a change, and remove Mark Sullivan, to step up and do things to get the pubic notified of these wrongdoings. Our public officials, especially our County Commissioner, should reflect the attitudes, beliefs, and integrity of the county. For example, Court St. is highly populated with students ready to bring about change and get involved. Let the Ohio University student publications aware of this. In my opinion, a undergraduate from the University sounds more positively, actively involved in the community than this guy.


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