Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What you won't hear from Obama in the State of the Union

Tonight Barack Obama makes a big campaign speech. You won't hear about how his economic policy has completely failed, and made a bad situation worse. You won't hear about tax dollars wasted by making bad loans to poorly run "green" companies to reward his political donors. You won't hear about how he violated the war powers act.

You also won't hear the President demand that the Democrat controlled Senate pass a budget. They haven't done so in 1000 days. For all of the talk of our huge debt problems, Sherrod Brown and his colleagues absolutely refuse to take responsibility and address the problem by working with the House to pass a budget.

Budgeting our tax dollars is the most basic and most important of our government's duties. It should be at the top of the priority list. Yet, Sherrod Brown doesn't care. He thinks it's more important to heap praise on filthy Communist protestors who have been arrested by the thousands and to tackle the huge problem of NFL blackouts.

It's time to make sure Sherrod Brown and Barack Obama are both "1-term propositions."

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