Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hypocrite Ohio liberals still obsessed with Kasich's plane use, ignore Obama's

ODP Chairman Chris Redfern
Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern
President Obama's trip to Ohio today reminded us of a post from months ago about government plane use by our elected officials.  Back in April we told you about the lame attack on Governor Kasich that was made by Ohio Democratic Party Chairman (and wannabe pirate) Chris Redfern.  He was upset that Kasich was using the plane to conduct state business more than his predecessor Ted Strickland did, and actually said we should just sell the planes and pay to fly the governor and his staff around on commercial airlines.
Never missing an opportunity to put his diarrhea of the mouth on display, get a load of what Redfern says about the two planes owned by the state for its governors to use to travel around Ohio: The governor should stop using the planes to travel around Ohio.

“I think we ought to sell the damn planes,” Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern said. “The governor loves privatization. He ought to drive down to Port Columbus Airport and fly coach like the rest of us.”
We then pointed out that Redfern's idiotic suggestion would actually cost taxpayers' more money.
Not only is it the stupid political hackery that we're used to from Redfern, it would actually cost the state more money if we followed his suggestion.

So it cost $2200 to fly the governor and a number of his staff to Cleveland. The DDN piece mentions that for this particual trip, the group was large enough that they used two planes. Since each plane can carry 10 passengers, lets conservatively assume that there were 10 people in the group total.

That comes out to $220 per person, round trip. That's a bargain, folks. Go do a search on a round trip commercial flight from Columbus to, er...Cleveland. They start at $800. And for all the traveling that a governor has to do, Redfern would have him sitting around in commercial airports for hours, several times a month? Yeah, that's an efficient use of the governor's time, not to mention his staff!
A few months later, we compared the cost of Kasich's plane trips to the cost of President Obama's. While the most expensive trip taken by the governor came to $2200, a trip that President Downgrade made to Ohio was a bit higher.
The trip to Columbus probably cost taxpayers between $500,000 and $1 million.
Air Force One alone bills out at $100,000 per hour, and the round trip is nearly two hours. Adding to the cost are military aircraft to carry limos and secret service vehicles, Marine One on standby, Secret Service, local police and other factors.
Fast forward another few months, and Ohio's moonbat liberals, obsessed with criticizing any and all things Kasich, are still talking about the state plane. From just a couple of weeks ago:
Janetta King, currently president and chief executive officer for the liberal policy group Innovation Ohio, and former deputy chief of staff for Strickland, criticized Kasich and Taylor for their plane use.

Any time that an elected official is using taxpayer money to travel, I think the bar needs to be very high when making those decisions about using the state plane, which is more expensive than traveling by vehicle,” King said.
Hey Janetta, today President Obama spent around a million dollars on a completely unnecessary and political trip to northeast Ohio to make an announcement of an unconstitutional power grab. It did nothing for Ohio but clog traffic and use local resources.

In what world does that million dollar trip clear your "very high bar" but Governor Kasich's $1000 trips spent doing Ohio's business do not?

Folks like Janetta King, Chris Redfern and the Plunderpals have a serious case of KDS. Kasich Derangement Syndrome.


  1. NEWSFLASH: United States bigger than Ohio, and President has to travel abroad more than Kasich.

    President Obama traveled to Ohio to announce the appointment of an Ohio native. John Kasich would fly out of Columbus to Stark County to announce the appointment of a Stark County native.

    And there was nothing unconstitutional about it. The Congress was in recess. Unless you can produce a House and Senate Journal for yesterday that shows otherwise...

  2. NEWSFLASH: Our fearless leader only flew to Ohio trying to score political points in a state where he has no chance of winning in November, at a cost of about $1,000,000 per hour. How much do you suppose it costs to fly him to Hawaii for his usual round of golf every week?

  3. Modern,

    I'm simply using the standards that folks like Redfern and Janetta King are setting with their attacks on Kasich's use of the plane.

    Obama's trip to Ohio cost one THOUSAND times more money than Kasich's average trip.

    Where's the outrage from Redfern demanding that Obama fly commercial?

    Where's the criticism from King about a MILLION dollar trip when a THOUSAND dollar trip by Kasich obviously burns her britches about effective use of tax-payer dollars?

    Answer: they dont give a cup of jack squat about the tax dollars involved. Its just an opportunity to tear the governor down.

  4. @Modern moron -

    Newsflash - A Senate journal for yesterday does exist, and it does show the Senate in session.

    What's wrong with you anyway?

  5. Funny, no one criticized Bush for all his vacation time or his use of AF1 to get him home to the "ranch" to clean brush piles.

    When the American Public realizes how bad we are all being screwed by the banks and major corporations, all of this will look like chump change.

    It's not that some other politician will truly represent YOU - you just don't like the guy who's currently driving the boat. The way democracy is these days - you fools - is "heads you lose, tails you lose" Keep up with the Kardashians and stop worrying about politics!

  6. Funny, no one criticized Bush for all his vacation time or his use of AF1 to get him home to the "ranch" to clean brush piles.

    And we aren't criticizing Obama for his use of AF1.

    The point is that Ohio Dems are holding Kasich to a different standard.

    Both Kasich and Obama have jobs that involve traveling sometimes. Both have a plane at their disposal to do so.

    But Ohio Dems only seem to be outraged at Kasich's travel, which costs 0.1% of what Obama's costs.

  7. If he had accepted money for the Three C rail system then he wouldn't have to fly!!! Feel Free to comment on that!


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