Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kevin DeWine has had a very bad night

Things couldn't have gone better for every Ohio Republican who wants new leadership for the Ohio Republican Party. Several of Kevin DeWine's allies were defeated tonight.

Remember our post last night about the Calverts?
Jim Woods easily beat Charles Calvert.
And Sandy is currently losing to Sharon Ray (but we cant call it yet.)

The Vice-chairman Kay Ayers has been beaten. That was a huge defeat.
The Treasurer Charles Knight, a major DeWine ally, has been kicked off the committee.
Betty Montgomery beat Kathy Johnston.
Remember Bea Lyons? She's gone, folks.
DeWine's handpicked candidate, Roland Lane in the 3rd district, was beaten.

No wonder they kicked out Steve Stivers and others and locked the doors!

In fact, the anti-DeWine coalition will have a significant majority on the State Central Committee. For those of us who have been fighting to take back our party from the unethical and selfish behavior of a rogue chairman, tonight couldn't have gone much better.

Chairman DeWine: Ohio's Republican voters have sent you a very clear message. We want new leadership, and you need to step down for the good of the party. No more games. No more breaking the rules. No more secret votes. No more changing the rules. Beating Barack Obama and Sherrod Brown is far too important to continue along with your divisive leadership. Do the right thing.

UPDATE: From Hannah News Service,
Doug Preisse, chairman of the Franklin County Republican Party and ally of Gov. John Kasich, told Hannah News tonight that, in the fight for control of the state Republican Party, "it appears to be a great night, picking up a number of State Central Committee seats. We are winning in races across the state." He said they now have a "strong majority" and look to make a change in state leadership "soon." He said they hope for an "orderly and respectful transition at party headquarters."


  1. Final Medina County Election Results, Sharon Ray 62% Sandy Calvert 38%; Jim Woods 56% Charles E. Calvert 44%. As of 1:00 a.m. EST.

  2. When the music's over, TURN OUT THE LIGHTS! Way to go everyone, this is the culmination of a lot of work by a lot of people. The Grand Old Party indeed.


    now DeSwine is claiming victory, so much for orderly and respectful

  4. DeWine doesn't have enough class to go out in an orderly and respectful manner........

  5. How can we find out/see a much broader list of who's out/who's in--thanks!

  6. Interesting comments, especially the note that Roland Lane was the hand-picked candidate by DeWine in the 3rd District. To the best of my knowledge I have never met Mr. DeWine nor conversed with him. I filed a petition for the third to see for future reference, how many votes one could get by spending no dollars. I found out. (16.5 per cent) The one time I heard DeWine speak I thought his comments were somewhat hostile to conservatives. I did state that I thought changing leadership this year was not good. Doug Preisse made the same point campaign for Franklin County Chair in 2010. Incidentally for those of you who think Preisse is a conservative, the movement to oust Preisse from leadership in Franklin County was led by the conservatives. Roland Lane


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