Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sherrod Brown describes Congress as "niggardly"

Watch Sherrod as he uses a word on cable news that people have been fired for using. (It being MSNBC, only a handful of people actually saw it live. Thank God for YouTube!)

That Sherrod, he's so sensitive. If he isn't comparing people to Hitler and Stalin, he is using words that a large portion of the population finds extremely offensive.

Connie is still proud of him though! Maybe she will go out and videotape Josh Mandel to see if he says something so offensive.

P.S. I can see Sherrod's next fundraising email now. "I need your donation now! As much as you can send. Please don't be niggardly!!"



    1. Thanks, Steve Martin. Now go use it in public or your workplace, and see what happens.

      Better yet, imagine Rush Limbaugh had said it.

    2. Non-issues with Mr Brown are taking my rights away everyday. I will not grow up if that means that this senator continues his rain of terror on my life and business.

  2. Jeez, really? Are we stooping this low? This is totally a non-issue. Grow up.


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