Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hypocritical Ohio Democrat of the week: David Betras

David Betras is the Mahoning County Democrat Chairman. Check out part of his rant today on Twitter against Josh Mandel.
Hey treasurer Mandel I've got a suggestion: how about doing the job ohioians just gave u the honor to do. Shameful stepping stones
I'm pretty sure that David supports Barack Obama. The same Barack Obama who ate a dog and then ran for President right after being elected to the Senate. Which is exactly what he is criticizing Josh Mandel for. (The running for a higher office part, not the dog thing. Only Obama eats dogs.)

So I called him out for being a phony. Of course, he knows I'm right, so his response is that I must be angry.
That's what liberals do when they're busted. Distract and change the subject. Typical. Oh, and Treasurer Mandel is doing his job. His office cleaned up the mess left behind by Kevin Boyce, who was so corrupt that even liberals were voting against him. Since then, under Josh's leadership, Ohio bond funds have been upgraded, numerous others have retained their highest possible rating, and other funds have been moved to safer banks, protecting Ohio retirees from fraud.

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  1. Another hapless democrat gets hoisted with his own petard...


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