Saturday, April 21, 2012

Important Issues for November

Important Issues Cross-Post: (Right of Center Editorial Cartoons)


  1. 1. Gas prices need to be higher, its the only way this country with wean itself from big oils teat...

    2. Unemployment will improve if you eliminate the tax cuts that companies get for outsourcing

    3. Fast and Furious, yeah I got nothing on that one, complete boneheadedness from the justice dept.

    4. If you are saying that there isnt a war on contraception from the right, then you are wearing blinders. Look at the bill recently signed in Arizona as proof. In AZ, life now begins two weeks BEFORE conception...

    5. The dogs thing is just a joke at the expense of Romney, to show how out of touch he is with, well, pretty much everything...

    6. Iran is about as much of a threat to us as North Korea, or as much as Iraq was 10 years ago, i.e. none whatsoever let it go...

    1. 1) I HOPE the left doesn't CHANGE their stance on how high everyone's gas bill's should be. It will make for a sure win for the (R)'s in November.

      2) Companies don't get tax cuts for outsourcing. If taxes weren't so high here (to fund all the left's socialist programs), companies wouldn't have to outsource.

      3) Agreed.

      4) Yeah, because Obama is SO in touch with everything (you know, growing up with all the communists, and never having run any kind of business).

      5) About as much of a threat as a bunch of guys in caves on Sept. 10, 2001?


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