Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Chris Redfern crushes union supported challenger

Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern will remain in his current job, reports Joe Vardon from the Dispatch.
Chris Redfern easily won reelection as chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party, crushing Lorain County attorney Anthony Giardini by a large majority vote of the state’s 66-member central committee.

The newly elected central committee cast 53 votes in favor of Redfern and 10 for Giardini, during a meeting in a packed room at party headquarters in Columbus.

Redfern retains the position he’s held since December of 2005, surviving an attempt by organized labor and people close to former Attorney General Richard Cordray to push him out.
SamAdams previously pointed out here on 3BP that this internal spat in the ODP exposes a struggle between supporters of Ted Strickland and Richard Cordray, both of whom are rumored to be likely to seek the nomination to challenge Governor Kasich in 2014.

GOHP Blog asks some great questions as we watch the events unfold going forward:
So is the state party willing to alienate their union base—the folks that finance the lion’s share of the Democrat operation in the Buckeye State—to have Strickland lose… again? If Redfern’s reelection is any indication, that would be a yes.

But while that may be clear, there’s a lot of other questions left unanswered:

Where does this leave Cordray?
After Redfern gives him the middle finger, will he remain active in Ohio politics?
Will unions continue to play ball while the state party ignores them?
When does the money dry up?
Come 2015, who’s leading the ODP?
I'm glad Redfern won tonight. First of all, and quite selfishly, the captain is a lot of fun to blog about. But he also makes a rematch with Ted Strickland more likely. And that's a matchup I think we're going to like when 2014 rolls around. Stay tuned!


  1. @notgvn -- Uh, not ALL unions supported Giardini. The states largest union, OCSEA and the school employees union both backed Redfern. We haven't forgotten his efforts in the overwhelming rejection of the unnecessary and dangerous Senate Bill 5.

  2. Maybe Kevin DeWine can get a job working for Redfern. After all Kevin was the dems best friend when it came to destroying the GOP.

    1. most the teachers in my family are now regretting their decision to oppose SB5, the reduction in force letters have been mailed, the levies can't pass, I guess you agree with them that 100% of 0 is better then 90% of a whole lot. The union leaders played the rank and file, and because of that, the teachers with enough seniority to avoid the layoffs will make out quite well and the rest can find something else to do I guess. At least the Governor stood up for the rank and file public employees and tried to save their jobs, with 30 months before his next election that should be enough time for them to realize the difference, don't you think?

  3. Ted Strickland for Governor!!!! I can't wait to see the re match..


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