Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Union Group's Issue 2 FAIL Continues

Last week, the union front group We Are Ohio sent out this email, highlighting that they are finally on television, advertising for a Yes on Issue 2, despite the ad saying nothing about what the proposal actually does...

Dennis Willard has been the Communications Director for We Are Ohio since the Issue 2 campaign last year.  He's on staff, paid for by the money unions steal...err... appropriate from their members.

So would someone please tell Dennis that his YouTube page is STILL advertising "No on Issue 2," as we pointed out over two weeks ago?!

It's disturbingly incompetent for a statewide issue campaign to have such a blatant inconsistency in the first place, but to let it sit there after being called out just goes to show the ignorance of those behind the Issue 2 campaign this year. And as their campaign filings show, that's the same sort of ignorance that Democrats are getting used to these days, since they're all financed by big labor and out-of-state special interests:
  • 99.2% of pro-Issue 2 funding came from special interest groups.
  • 81.6% of their funding came from the NEA & OEA--the national & state teachers' unions.
  • 40.7% of their funding came from out-of-state.
  • 65.9% of their expenditures went to out-of-state companies--they can claim to love Ohio, but nearly two-thirds of what they spend goes to other states.
Not exactly a campaign of the people... at least not Ohio people, anyway.

With such inept campaigns, wasting so much of the money they steal from hardworking union members, it's no wonder Ohio Republicans are poised to continue the momentum from 2010 to take the White House and U.S. Senate this year.

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