Sunday, February 12, 2012

Congratulations to Jason Hart: Blog Bash State Blogger of the Year!

CPAC has just wrapped up, and we got some good news out of it on Friday. That was when they held an event called Blog Bash. We don't have a lot of the details, but one of the host organizers, well-known conservative blogger Melissa Clouthier, announced that our very own Jason Hart has been named "State Blogger of the Year.".

I don't believe this means "Ohio blogger of the year", but rather the best blogger of state politics in the US for 2011. Quite an honor, and definitely well deserved. Please join me in congratulating Jason. We're very glad to have him on board here at Third Base Politics.

Update: Confirmed, Jason won the award for "Best State-level Blogger" of 2011. Great work!


  1. No offense, but was anyone else nominated? I can't help but notice that they don't even list the nominees on the website, and most of the other categories only got three nominations.

    Still congratulations on getting an award from an entity with the integrity to give James O'Keefe an award. Says a lot about their standards.

    1. James O'Keefe... Isn't he the guy that exposed massive corruption at ACORN, a progressive community organizing group that gave the undercover reporters advice on how to prostitute underage children? Must have been true, Government funding was cut off and the organization had to go under (Only to be reformed under a different name with the help of Obama, who must love prostituting children or something).

      Isn't he the guy who exposed Anti-semitism of executives at PBS/NPR? Must have been true since both executives were fired....

      Isn't he the guy that got the Fact finder for the unions on issue 2 on tape saying he would distort findings to favor the unions?

      Sounds like a guy who should get an award.

      Congrats to Jason, he does good work.

      Modern, maybe you will win a award some day, you should be up for "most dedicated blog comment troll".

  2. The funniest part of Moderns comment? The first 2 words.

  3. Definitely well-deserved. Keep up the good work, guys.

  4. Thanks, folks!

    I'm especially grateful to Modern, who takes time from his busy, important schedule to follow every link in every 3BP post to maximize the awesomeness of his comment-trolling.


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