Thursday, February 2, 2012

ORP committee members being kept from voting?

Last week, we told you about tomorrow's meeting of the Ohio Republican Party. This is the meeting where the ridiculous rule change that Kevin DeWine has proposed is to be discussed.

We are hearing some rumors that once per year, central committee members are allowed to call in to vote by phone. However, there are reports that several members are requesting the number to call in, but are being ignored.

We are trying to confirm and will have more on this as we find out.

Update: "Many members have been upset that the party refuses to provide members call in numbers. Traditionally, the call in number is sent with the meeting notice, but with hours to go before the vote, the party is keeping it away from many SCC members."

We better not find out that this is a strategic and desperate effort to rig the vote.


  1. DeWine and the ORP should truly be ashamed of itself.

    Here's hoping the Tea Party can get their people voted in come the March primary. Enough is enough.

  2. Yeah, the tea party folks are the ticket....straight to the toilet.


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