Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ohio Dem Gives Occupiers Tickets to Disrupt Kasich Speech - UPDATED

For Governor Kasich, Tuesday’s annual State of the State address offered an important venue to talk up his administration’s achievements and goals. Kasich gave this year’s speech at Wells Academy, a school in Steubenville, instead of the traditional Statehouse venue.

The Ohio Democratic Party is led by Chris “Tea Party F***ers” Redfern, best known for a profane 2010 outburst against Obamacare opponents. Based on their behavior in Steubenville, even November’s Big Labor victory against fiscal reality hasn’t improved the attitudes of Ohio leftists!

State Rep. Bob Hagan (D – Youngstown), a Progressive kook’s Progressive kook, bused in 35 protestors for the event. Worse, Hagan handed out several tickets for Kasich’s speech to Occupy protestors ranting outside.

Rep. Bob Hagan (second from left) and Rep. Dennis Murray (second from right) are thanked by Occupy protestors for Hagan's tickets to the State of the State address.
Rep. Bob Hagan (second from left) and Rep. Dennis Murray (second from right) are thanked by Occupy protestors for Hagan's tickets to the State of the State address.

Why would Hagan give tickets for a taxpayer-funded speech to obnoxious Occupy protestors? From The Columbus Dispatch‘s live coverage of the speech, shuffled into chronological order:
2:36 [...] Cat calls and chants have started from the balcony from protestors.
2:38 [...] People have been removed from the auditorium, but more calls coming from the balcony. [...]
2:39 One particularly loud woman has just been led out…”John Kasich is selling out Ohio!” she yelled as she was led out the back. Now a male voice can be heard.
2:40 [...] Meanwhile, man is led out of the room. Things seem to have quieted down now.
Rep. Hagan, too pathetic to face the derision that comes with disrupting a state event, sent in Occupy protestors to attack Governor Kasich. Wonder if he’s any relation to the “Hagan” who rallied protestors before Kasich’s speech?
“Governor Kasich has crossed the line many times,” Hagan said to the crowd.
Yep. Same guy. No matter how low the Ohio Republican Party sinks, there will always be Ohio Democrats like Bob Hagan waiting to out-sink them!

The Dispatch has video of an anti-fracking protestor screeching, “We can capture the air! We can capture the sun!” after being escorted out of the event (watch for the obligatory Occupy mic-check). The same protestor is shown exiting a bus – Hagan’s? – in an earlier Dispatch video which features perpetual union shill Bruce Bostick. Funny thing about Bruce Bostick: he’s a Communist.

When Big Labor, environmental activists, Democrats, and Communists are all equally enraged by your governor, it’s likely your state is on the right track!

UPDATE (Bytor): Hagan seems to be proud of what he did. He retweeted my tweet about Jason's post.

Then, he indirectly admits it, and certainly doesn't deny it.

This is the same guy who called a black Republican "Buckwheat" last year. He's a jackass.

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  1. OMG, how dare a member of the public who opposing King Kasich's speech attends? LOL.

    That's all you have to say about Kasich's 1:30 long Oprah-fest? Did you not see today's Cincinnati Enquirer cover?

  2. OMG, How cool is it to yell and be disruptive during the State of the State!

    You are a loser Modern. Only a loser would think that behavior is acceptable. Yell outside at him, not during the speech. I guess classless people can't understand when other people are acting classless. It's people like you that drag this country down. Move to California or Massachusetts you progressive blowhard.

  3. I'm not condoning it, but I think it's being a little overblown here, don't ya think? The article criticizes a lawmaking in allowing an opponent of Kasich's policies to attend. Just for giving them a ticket to attend. As if Kasich's speech was for supporters of him only (all 33% of Ohioans according to the latest poll.)

    Obama's been heckled at speeches, too. Even during the State of the Union... by Members of Congress, no less.

    Democracy and freedom can be messy. Sometimes, down right uncivil. But it beats the alternative. He's a Governor, not a king.

    If you don't like it Rambo, I could care less. I love freedom. If you think that's dragging this country down, then you're a sad excuse for an American.

    1. It wasn't "just for giving them a ticket to attend." It was precisely for them to to what they did do - disrupt and exercise the heckler's veto. And you know that. As for Obama being heckled during his speech - by a member of Congress - that's not what happened in Steubenville: Hagen's a member, but he outsourced his dirty work, precisely so that he could not get tagged with it in the press. What a coward. Nice group you run with Modern.

  4. Yet I didn't see anyone on this site going nuts when a sitting congressman screamed YOU LIE during the State of The what you are saying is that it is ok to disrupt if the person doesnt agree with you

  5. Seriously, this article criticizes a Democrat (who attended the speech) for speaking at a lawful protest and then allowing protestors to attend the speech. That's hardly worth condemnation. Condemn the hecklers, but this attack on Hagan is pathetic.

    Almost as bad as when this site attacked firefighters for protesting near (but falsely reporting as ON) a 9/11 memorial (which was actually a ceremony and protest was after the ceremony in major public square used by several groups throughout the day.)

  6. Modern, your dishonesty here is astonishing. Hagan gave those guys tickets KNOWING what they would do, because that's what he WANTED to happen.

    Yes, Wilson disrupted Obama. And was censured for it. Hagan deserves no less. He preplanned this disruption. He just didn't have the balls to do it himself, so he bused in people to do it for him.

    He is a pig. If batchelder or Shannon jones had given tickets to some rowdy people that they brought in who ended up heckling Strickland, you're telling me you would hold them blameless? You're a liar. As usual.

  7. Modren loves freedom?

    You support a president who wants to dictate what you eat, wants to control how much power you use, dictate where the power comes from using phony science to shut down proven energy supplies for fantasy power supplies, while making his friends rich off of the scam. You support a president who wants do dictate policy to churches against their will, attacks people who donate money to PACs of their choice (while doing it himself now). You support the president who has said many times he would much rather "Go it Alone and bypass congress" for decision making.

    Your party wants to shut down freedom of speech in every area, you guys support Political correctness. Take children out of families homes because you don't think the parents are offering the proper diet. It goes on and on. Progressives want to dictate every aspect of other lives for them because you believe that you are smarter.

    We are the ones with a Libertarian running for president, not the Dems. You have no room to talk about free speech. No, we don't have a dictator as Governor, but that does not make it ok for people you disrupt his speech, which you supported than backpedalled on when you resized how foolish it made you. Proof that Republicans love freedom of speech is that they allow someone as obnoxious as you to post here time and time again without deleting your garbage.

  8. I'm still surprised that your governor just finished his most important speech of the year, outlining his plans for the state and highlighting his many, many accomplishments for the first year of his term, and the only thing you can find worth writing about is some protesters or what someone posted on YouTube.

    I'd think you'd want to provide a counter-narrative to all the MSM articles that called the speech rambling and non-specific, instead of trying to change the story by talking about all this stuff that doesn't matter.

    Just a thought.

  9. 2 Plunderpals in one post? How fun! To what do we owe the honor?

    Thanks for changing the subject, Joe.

    The truth is, we can't post on every single topic. We all have full time jobs and families. Unlike you guys, I didn't even get to watch the speech live and certainly don't get paid to do 3BP. So yep, sometimes newsworthy events happen and we don't post about them.

    Thanks for your concern about our well-being and for the advice, though. I didn't know you cared!

  10. I just think, that for, that for, that for the President to stand, stand on, um stand be on our side, and in the end that this isn't a liberal conservative whose side are you on...I think that the energy coming out of the wall street protesters is always a good's good to challenge authority.

    Oh crap! What happened? I blacked out I heard something about protesters and I just went back to my answer I gave to Chris Matthews last October.

    As for the State the State, I think that energy that came out of the balcony is a good thing.

  11. "Talking about all this stuff that doesn't matter" = Plunderbundese for "Exposing the noxious leftism of the Ohio Democrats we love."

    I have a piece that went up yesterday at my site and Big Government discussing the conservative policies of Governor Kasich and Governor Walker & the opposition to those policies by union hacks demanding tax hikes - eg., the Plunderbund Pals. I'm about to share that here, as well, so don't worry... soon you'll have a new pro-conservative post to troll as a change of pace from trolling this anti-Progressive piece.

    Not that you care, I'm sure!

  12. Wow, Ramboman is really off his rocker lately. You claim that Obama wants to do all of these crazy things, but you can't offer any proof of these statements. Yet he openly supports a candidate in Santorum who wants to tell people what they can and can't do with their own bodies, and say who they can and can't be married is it only opression of rights if you agree with the rights being opressed?

    1. I have no idea if you are paying attention to what is going on these days, here ae facts to back up all of what I said.

      Obama administration has been on a campaign from the start telling parents and schools what to feed kids and what to eat.

      Cap and trade if passed would have given Government unprecedented ability to monitor energy consumption by citizens, including forcing people to pay fines or upgrade to energy efficient appliances/windows.

      Obama himself said his goal was to Put coal power plants out of business, at the same time funding Solyndra with tax payer money, in turn Solyndra execs donated boatloads of cash to Obama, and then went Bankrupt.

      If you don't know about the Obama Administration and their attack on the catholic Church in the last week, you really are out of the loop.

      I think it's obvious that the Progressives favor political correctness and want to make sure that no human is offended ever at the same time Maddow and friends on MSNBC break down every word that Republican candidates say and decode it for hidden racism, totally ridiculous.

      Cuyahoga County in Ohio, a Progressive cesspool that gave us a giant scandal of gov abuses took a child out of his home because they deemed him too fat and not getting the diet that they wanted him to get. Again, progressives believe they can run your life and family better than you can, this is not freedom, it's Authoritarianism, that is the progressive way.

      I can't post here if I am asked to lay out proof every time. All I have are facts on my side, you people have nothing.

      Finally, Rick Santorium believes that ripping a baby out of it's mothers stomach, killing it and then throwing it in the garbage can is wrong. I think that makes him a morally strong person, if you are for murdering babies, then you may need to rethink your morals.

      Rick Santorium has the same position as Obama as far as marriage goes, he believes Marriage is between a man and woman, as it has been since the first wedding took place eons ago. It is only a right given to a man and woman. It's like if you are a man, but you want to be called a woman, this makes no sense since a Man by definition can only be a man. There is no denying of anything since it is impossible to give someone something that does not exist.

  13. While all the conservative copybloggers are busy copying and pasting the Hart piece, The Mighty PlunderPals actually talk to the woman who disrupted the speech and we learn that Hart is full of it. LOL. Gotta love it!


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