Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It didn’t take long

Guest post by SamAdams

Anti-gun group Ohio Ceasefire has created a website for people to send their thoughts and prayers to students and staff in Chardon.

The catch, they don’t make it clear who is sponsoring the site and require that you leave an email address so they can contact you later to “let you know when they get it.”

I’m going to take them at their word and trust that I won’t start getting anti-gun emails as a result of my participation. I really hope that Ohio Ceasefire isn’t going to use this horrible tragedy as a way to increase their email distribution list for future communications.

I hope that I am wrong about their intentions with this site, because playing politics with the lives of those murdered is simply wrong.

Yesterday, instead of taking advantage of a tragedy, Governor Kasich gave a very moving statement about the lives lost.

Today, instead of playing politics, he is going to a prayer vigil in honor of the victims and has ordered flags at the Statehouse flown at half-staff.

Now isn’t the time to play politics, it’s a time to pray for the families whose
children didn’t come home yesterday.


  1. I dont like the guy, and I disagree with him on pretty much everything, but Governor Kasich has handled this as well as anyone possibly could.

  2. We could all learn a lot from the way the Governor has handled this tragedy. Putting people ahead of politics, and political agendas will always win out at the end of the day. Props JK. Prayers for Chardon.


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