Monday, September 29, 2008

Get off your knees Steve Schmidt, you're blowing the game...

"Without McCain they would have ran over me like a freight train" -John Boehner, 9/29/08
As John McCain would say.....My friends, WHERE THE HELL WAS THIS KINDA TALK LAST WEEK!?!?!?

The fact is, McCain's campaign completely wasted the brilliant idea of 'suspending the campaign'. As I've said before, the McCain camp had to "sell this perfectly". They pretty much did the opposite. Apparently when they suspended the campaign that included every single possible surrogate who could go on TV and explain McCain's motivations.

When Bill Clinton is the GOP candidate's best supporter, something is entirely wrong.

Where was our Party's 'best spokesman on the economy', Mitt Romney? Where was our Congressional leadership? Where were the Governors? Where were the GOP elected officials or high ranking Party representatives that could tell the American people WHY the campaign needed to be suspended, HOW McCain was helping in negotiations and WHY McCain decided to do the debate?

The fact is, the McCain campaign's communications team was absolutely pummelled. At the end of the day it is the responsibility of the campaign to coordinate their surrogates to hit the airwaves to discuss the 'issue of the day'. When we needed them most, they blew it.

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