Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wish I was there...

This year marks the first Republican convention that I haven’t attended since 1992. Back in 1996 I was working with the Ohio delegation on the floor of the convention in San Diego (you’re welcome for the ‘Ohio’ sign, Doug…you better still have it!). In 2000 I joined some more fellow Ohio political hacks in handling advance and logistics on a number of events. And in 2004 I was able to sit back and enjoy all the parties, drinking and bad behavior that marked the NYC convention.

And now I’m here in DC instead of up at the most captivating of all the past four conventions. I must admit, I wasn’t exactly intrigued at the prospect of heading up to St. Paul, but who knew things would end up being the way they are? Relative to the past three conventions this one is downright crazy.

So to all my friends enjoying those Minnesota nights and the historical evening they are about to witness, I give you my warmest regards and share with you my utter and complete jealousy. Scream your heads off and have some fun.

And make sure you hit up one of the famous Boehner parties for me. Sigh.

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