Thursday, September 4, 2008

Liveblogging the McCain speech.

10:10 - Hi Sarah Palin. I like you. :waves:

10:12 - Where's your flag pin, Senator? Obama had one!

10:13 - Wow, there are some downright ugly Republicans. The hotness quotient has clearly gone down since the conventions I attended.

10:14 - Green background? Who threw up?

10:15 - Props to the President? Good. Got that out of the way.

10:15 - Uh oh. Here comes impatient McCain.

10:17 - Cindy is sooooo giving the Senator 'do me eyes'.

10:18 - McCain is thanking his Mom. So why are they showing Barbara Bush?

10:18 and a half - Ha.

10:19 - The background is changing colors. This has totally gotta be freaking out the Moveon psychopaths.

10:20 - "To the Obama supporters" Ok, who is the dumbass that started to boo?

10:21 - AH! BLUE! On a sidenote, what the hell is wrong with American flags as a backdrop? Do it the Mike Deaver way. Toss up a bunch of flags right behind his head and do it right.

10:22 - Wow. Way to handle the protestors, John.

10:23 - Hi Sarah. :wink:

10:25 - John, if you need help introducing the Governor to DC I'm happy to help.

10:26 - "Change is coming." Nice.

10:27 - They aren't really utilizing the new 'town hall' staging.

10:28 - "You will know their names." Awesome.

10:29 - :hangs head: Yeah, I admit it...I was one of those that thought he was finished a year ago when he was outta cash. Helluva comeback, John. Thanks for making us proud.

10:30 - Call out Obama on the surge strategy. Please please please please please.

10:31 - Michigan? Check. Pennsylvania? Check. Where is the Ohio mention?

10:32 - Great job personalizing the war on terror.

10:33 - Calling out Republicans, eh? I hope Tom DeLay isn't there.

10:35 - "A culture of life" and "judges that don't legislate from the bench". What a great big kiss for the base that was.

10:38 - Zzzzzzzzzzz.

10:39 - More substance, Johnny. We've been getting GOP philosophy the whole week.

10:40 - Hitting on the economy a bit. Atta boy.

10:41 - School choice!?!? Nice! Reward good teachers and get rid of the bad ones. Love it.

10:44 - No one will be able to say the speech was light on substance.

10:46 - Calling out Russia. Now THAT is a leader.

10:48 - "I know how the works". Great implied contrast to Obama.

10:49 - "I hate war." Oomph.

10:52 - Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

10:55 - He seems like a different man talking about his time as a POW. What a stark difference between this speech and Obama's. So much more real.

10:57 - Wow. Incredibly touching point regarding standing back up for his country after being broken by his captors.

10:59 - Harsh comparison to Obama re: being "anointed". Has there been a more stark difference between two candidates for President in modern political history?

11:00 - Fight! Stand up! He's pounding through this part of the speech despite the applause. Obviously he was prepped so the campaign can use this for a commercial. Great way to finish the speech. Perfect. That will be played over and over.


11:04 - There's the flag I was looking for.

11:05 - The story of this speech will be the last 60 seconds. Obama never had a moment like that during his speech at the Temple in Denver.

11:05 - Ah. There are the balloons. :-)

11:06 - BARRACUDA!!! Nice. Every GOP convention needs a good 'Heart' song.

11:08 - They look like rockstars together. Quite a difference from Bush/Cheney, eh?

11:09 - Wonder if someone has stolen the 'Ohio' sign yet? I'm a frickin' ninja with that stuff.

11:10 - Time to watch CNN. Gotta see what the opposition says. Tablesauce out.

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