Friday, December 5, 2008

A brief moment of Ohio political clarity and sensibility...

The last question mark in determining the makeup of the US House of Representatives drew closer to a conclusion today as the Ohio Supreme Court ruled that 1000 provisional ballots in central Ohio were not eligible to be counted.
"The Ohio Supreme Court ruled 4 to 2 that [Secretary of State] Brunner (D) "abused her discretion by providing different counties with differing instructions on whether these ballots should be counted," the court wrote in its decision.

The court said Brunner's directive instructing the Franklin County Board of Elections to count provisional ballots that lacked signatures or had names and signatures in the wrong places were 'unreasonable.'"
Based on the presumption that the 27,000 ballots yet to be counted in Franklin County are expected to trend against the Republican, State Sen. Steve Stivers, this judgement is good news for his chances. It's still an uphill battle...but at least we're a step closer to getting this one wrapped up.

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  1. Brunner is inconsistent at best and more likely just a plain and simple hack. Rejecting thousands of absentee applications from McCain voters because of an unchecked box, but wanting to count provisional ballots for BO that don't even have signatures or verifiable addresses. She must think we're all as stupid as the now-famous BO voters in the Zogby video. Grr.
    BTW...are you all on twitter?


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