Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Great Senate Robbery of 2008

Al Franken won this ballot.


This article details some of the absolutely unbelievable inconsistencies coming from the Minnesota canvassing board when judging the ballots.

Make sure you have this
when reading the story.

An anonymous reader provided a link to a story on 538 disputing the Fox News story. It should also be noted that Fox News has corrected their original article. But, while the above ballot did in fact get awarded to Coleman, the glaring inconsistencies used by the board as illustrated in the above Fox News article are disturbing.


  1. Seriously,

    Don't believe everything you read. All these "unbelievable" ballots either have a very reasonable explanation for their disqualification or are complete fabrications. The headline here is a flat-out LIE. The entire contested-ballot process was televised and all ballots are available online. Please do your own research before believing and propagating this nonsense.

  2. Fortunately this site did provide a link to the actual ballot, and so far it is... undecided.

    This ballot is one of those in the "blue folder". It has been contested for possibly being a duplicate. There will be no ruling on these ballots until Tuesday. Because of this, this ballot has NOT been decided on. Depending on Coleman's success in protesting the counting of duplicates, it will either go to Coleman or no one. This has not and will not go to Franken as the headline suggests.

  3. A link to your information would provide it some legitimacy. Also, why would the canvassing board consider it 'no dup'?

    Rationalizing will only take you so far.

  4. DJ Tablesauce,

    Are you saying that what I have said is not legitimate without a link? I have only said that you people need to be more critical about what you read! Are you conservatives completely incapable of common sense? A word of advice: If something looks absolutely absurd to you, there is probably a reasonable explanation beyond "liberal conspiracy". If you still want a link, here is the 538 website saying exactly what I just said: http://www.fivethirtyeight.com/2008/12/fox-news-finds-typo-blames-liberal.html
    I should warn you though, the author of this site uses facts and numbers in his analyses and we all know that facts and numbers have a strong liberal bias.

  5. DJ Tablesauce,

    To answer your other question:

    "no dup" means that this ballot was too damaged to go through the machine so a duplicate was made for that purpose. This duplicate has since been misplaced. It may be in some storage folder somewhere or it may have found its way into the pool of ballots. Coleman is challenging these ballots that are missing their duplicate ("no dup") because there is a possibility that they have been double counted. A decision should be made soon by the Supreme Court about what to do about these questioned ballots.

  6. My link got truncated. Remove the space and this should work:
    http://www.fivethirtyeight.com/2008/ 12/fox-news-finds-typo-blames-liberal.html

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  8. Anonymous,

    Your bold anonymity provides an opportunity to go personal, and as many in this 'new era of politics' ushered in by the President-Elect, you don't disappoint.

    Your distaste for me to have the gall to actually ask you to back-up your claims also seems to offend you. Odd.

    With that being said, thanks for the link. I'll post it as an update.


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