Monday, December 15, 2008

A message to the media...


Yes, I know. I'm being primitive. I'm relying on simple insults to communicate my message. But come on, at this point I just can't help it.

During the course of this Blago scandal we first heard from Obama that him and his staff had "no contact" with the Illinois Guv or his staff. Then he backed off from "no contact" and instead claimed that there was "no inappropriate contact" regarding the open Senate seat. And now, we find out that Obama Chief of Staff-designate Rahm Emanuel provided a list of candidates that were "acceptable" to the President-Elect. So, Obama lied twice. And now we find out he is just as much a part of the Chicago political machine as we all assumed in the primary.

Has anyone asked the question, what retribution would the President-Elect exact upon Blago had he selected someone that was not acceptable?

This is politics at its worst. Obama is utilizing political threats in order to obtain his desired outcome.

And this is acceptable? This is the new brand of politics we were promised? How much of this do we have to take?

And has the mainstream media taken him to task even once?

Of course not.

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