Friday, January 28, 2011

Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan leading the way to a balanced budget, possible Senate run?

Guest posted by Bytor

John Boehner isn't the only Ohio Congressman making national news these days.

This week, Rep. Jim Jordan introduced The Spending Reduction Act of 2011. Its total savings over a 10 year period is a massive $2.5 trillion. The largest cuts comes from returning to non-defense, discretionary spending back to 2006 levels and holding them there for 10 years.

It would reduce the federal workforce by 15% by attrition. Only one worker would be hired for every two that quit or retire. Existing workers would not receive automatic raises.

Any unspent money from the Porkulus bill would be canceled. High-speed rail boondoggles get the axe.

Other cuts are very targeted and specific, aimed at reducing or eliminating wasteful and unnecessary programs such as Amtrak subsidies, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

SC Senator Jim DeMint is introducing the bill in the Senate.

This is a show of leadership from Jordan, who many consider to be a top prospect for challenging ultra-liberal Sherrod Brown for Senate in 2012. DJ Tablesauce has already mentioned the large cash head start Jordan would have for the primary, should he decide to run.

Jordan's conservative credentials are unquestioned, and since he's working closely with DeMint, a tea-party hero, I would bet that DeMint's Senate Conservatives Fund would almost immediately get behind him, bringing him more national exposure and funding for the race. Ask Senator Marco Rubio (I love saying that) what DeMint's support meant to his race.

Ultimately, if he does run for Senate, Jordan needs to raise his profile and name recognition among Ohio's GOP base to compete in the primary. I'd say he is off to a good start.


  1. I met Jim last summer when he volunteered to come and speak at a fundraiser on a campaign I was managing. Not only did he come, but he brought a very healthy donation for my candidate who ended up winning. He's got my vote. This guy is the real deal.

  2. More anti-intellectual sniping at anything that smells like tax funded liberal media.. the philistines and uneducated slobs that crave the end of publicly funded art and media don't have a clue ... they probably haven't been inside a museum or a library in decades!


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