Friday, January 21, 2011

Sherrod Brown on gas prices, then and now

Guest posted by Bytor

Sherrod Brown on high gas prices in 2006:
"The Bush Administration and Mike DeWine Are to Blame..."

And in 2008:
"The high gas prices are the result of eight years of Bush energy policies, and high food prices are the result of Bush economics."
At the time of that 2006 "report", the average cost of gas in Ohio was about $2.90/gallon. As we all know, gas prices came back down, even staying under $2.00 for a time.

But now, gas is back over $3.00 a gallon. Sherrod Brown and his Democrats have controlled Congress for 4 years, and Barack Obama has been in the White House for 2 years. Following Sherrod's logic, surely he and President Obama are at fault for the recent return of $3.00 gas, right?

Well, no. Now Sherrod doesn't blame the party in power. He blames those evil evil oil traders.

Apparently, Sherrod thinks that you can ban new drilling in the Gulf, a major source of the US domestic oil supply, and then act surprised when the market reacts to such a supply disruption.

We aren't buying that, or your tired class warfare politics, Senator.


  1. Maybe Sherrod would like to comment on higher gas/oil prices that result from the weak dollar and the liberal policies that caused the weakness. I won't hold my breath.

  2. My guess is that Sherrod Brown-Schultz's outburst/stunt today is to champion an issue the little guy cares about. You know, just like Tim Grendell suing the electric company over the discontinued all-electric rate.

    Jump on that populist issue Sherrod!


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