Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another Meme Bites the Dust

If you read comments on political stories at your local newspaper’s website, it doesn’t take long to recognize the same handful of right vs. left arguments popping up in every thread. Though paying much attention to these things would be ill-advised, one anti-Kasich talking point piqued my interest such that I submitted a public records request to the governor’s office.

It’s a simple criticism: Kasich pays his buddies too much at our expense! I’ve run across a few variations on this theme, most involving witty misspellings of the governor’s name. Given Ohio’s economy, Governor Kasich paying his staff more than Governor Strickland did would be fiscally imprudent and politically careless. Heck, I first ventured down the public union rabbit hole after learning that the unions’ anointed Secretary of State candidate was grossly overcompensating her administrative staff... so this complaint would resonate even with an awful conservative like me!

If it were true.

Governor Strickland

  • Staff: 79
  • Salary: $5,009,431
  • Salary w/benefits: $6,662,542

Governor Kasich (Current)

  • Staff: 67
  • Salary: $4,301,087
  • Salary w/benefits: $5,840,146

Governor Kasich (Planned)

  • Staff: 75 → 4 fewer than Strickland
  • Salary: $4,838,121 → $171,310 less than Strickland
  • Salary w/benefits: $6,434,701 → $227,841 less than Strickland
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  1. Pretty sure the libs have never been too concerned with the truth.

  2. One problem, genius, not all of Kasich's staff are his buddies. Do you think the guy in the mailroom (who's salaries Kasich cut) are his buddies? No, we're talking about his closest circle of advisors and aides, not low-level staff.

    Staffers like Beth Hansen, Jai Chabri, Rob Nichols, and this site's alum and ORP whore Jon Keeling. If you work for Kasich and he knows you, you get paid inflated salaries.

    Also, you forget that Kasich's budget trick includes the trick of parking his staff onto other budgets. Like how the abovementioned Chabria isn't even listed in the Governor's budget, even though his title is Special Assistant to the Governor. He's parked over at the Commerce Department's budget.


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