Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kaptur and Fudge going on "hunger strike" over 1% spending cuts

Evidence that Democrats don't give a crap about the massive debt crisis this county has, part #324.

Remember the deal to cut $38 billion in spending from the FY 2011 budget? A cut of about 1% of total federal spending? Well, some of the spending hogs in Congress still think cutting even 1% is too much, including my representative, Marcy Kaptur, and Cleveland Congresswoman Marcia Fudge.
Former Dayton congressman and U.N. World Food Program Ambassador Tony Hall has been fasting since March 28 to protest proposed House of Representatives budget cuts that he says would disproportionately harm the poor.

Twenty-eight Democratic members of Congress, including Marcia Fudge of Warrensville Heights and Marcy Kaptur of Toledo, have agreed to join Hall in fasting for a day between now and Easter.

“I’m proud to stand with my colleagues here today, joining in this fast,” said Marcy Kaptur. “I fasted yesterday. I’m very proud of my colleagues.”

Unbelievable. What has to happen before people like this realize that we can't keep writing checks for TRILLIONS that we don't have? Maybe when our credit gets downgraded, they will see the light!

Oh wait...

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  1. The facepalm must be for you. Just because you oppose certain cuts does not mean you oppose cutting in general. The quotes you cite make it plain that they oppose how unevenly the cuts are being imposed, not the idea of cutting.

  2. Nonsense. At some point, someone has to act like an adult in regards to the budget. Chances are that it won't be Rep. Kaptur.

  3. The facepalm must be for you.

    Ooooo you witty devil, Modern...that one's gonna sting for awhile. Seriously, that comment may be the best comeback ever. My wife will wonder why I'm crying myself to sleep tonight.

    Hey Modern, maybe Fudge and Kaptur should've passed a budget LAST YEAR, when they had control.

    You know, like they were SUPPOSED TO? They had their chance.

  4. You mean like the GOP is, Scarlet? Holding the debt ceiling hostage for yet another political showdown with the global economy at risk? And for what? The fact is that the Ryan budget REQUIRES the debt ceiling to be raised, too.

  5. The Dems had their chance to pass a budget and punted (just like Ted) and now they are whining about 1%? Children.

    For the record, I think Ryan's plan should be more aggressive.

  6. It's called leverage, Modern. If the children won't cut spending, the adults have leverage to get them to agree to do some cutting.

    I'm with SF. Ryan's plan doesn't go far enough. It should change social security as well. Only for younger people. Let the 55+ crowd be grandfathered in.

    But Ryan's plan is a start. Defense cuts need to be on the table, too.

  7. Of course eliminating the Bush tax cuts would get to Ryans lowering of the deficit in half the time that his budget does it, but hey those people REALLY need that extra 200 dollars a year...

  8. Anonymous said:

    Of course eliminating the Bush tax cuts would get to Ryans lowering of the deficit in half the time that his budget does it, but hey those people REALLY need that extra 200 dollars a year...

    You want to go back to pre-Bush tax rates? How about going back to pre-Bush spending/programs/etc. as well?

  9. Yeah, Kasich's budget relies on Medicaid funding provided by the stimulus. His budget contains around a billion in one-time money on top of that, budgets no money to start making interest payments back to the federal government for what it loaned to cover the State's unemployment compensation insurance during the recession (payments that are due this fiscal year, but Kasich's budget presumes the State will get a federal bailout), and delays repayment of nearly half a billion in State debts that are due this biennium until later under the debt restructuring tactics.

    At least when Strickland had to rely on the stimulus money, it was at the height of the global recession. Kasich's budget does this near two years since the recession ended when the Administration itself freely admits it will start their first fiscal year in office with a projected half a billion surplus left from the last Strickland budget.

    So, spare me, Scarlet>Fire, for suggesting that your partisan blinders cause some enormous hypocrisy on your part here.

  10. Bytor- I think its funny that the same GOP folks that passed the Bush tax cuts (with no plan to pay for them) and the Medicare Part D prescription drug plan (with no plan to pay for them) and ran two wars (with no plan to pay for them) are called the "adults" by you. You really have a memory problem.


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