Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More Paul Ryan please!

You've probably seen this already, but I'm posting it anyway.  The GOP needs to get Paul Ryan in front of the camera talking about the deficit issue as much as they can.  He knows it inside and out, can debate it with the other side coherently, and do it without appearing overly partisan.

Ryan is a genuine leader.  And I believe he genuinely wants to address this issue in a bipartisan manner.  Unfortunately, the President is still kicking the can down the road and not getting serious about the "most predictable financial disaster in the history of this country."


I honestly wish the Democrats would get serious about this issue.  Even though a successful plan that makes our entitlements solvent could propel Obama to a second term, which makes me cringe, I think its that important that we tackle this debt bomb.

The Democrats don't have anybody this serious about the issue, and certainly nobody who is willing to stand toe-to-toe with Ryan.  He is driving the issue right now.  Please listen, Mr. President.

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  1. Ryan isn't serious. He relies on economic projections by the Heritage Foundation... now disowned by the Heritage Foundation.

    Ryan learned from Kasich: Say you're "balancing" the budget by shifting all the costs to the pockets of seniors and middle class.

  2. Show me Obama's plan, Modern. Please, show us the details.

    Its basically more spending and more taxing of the "rich". Obama's plan cant work by only taxing the rich. He will have to raise taxes on the middle class as well.

    Ryan has a detailed plan with specifics. Even much of the left, even if they don't LIKE Ryan's plan, concede that it is a serious plan, and that the WH has nothing to counter it with.

    Obama won't even start with the recommendations from the deficit commissioned he himself created.

    Also, Reuter's Jim Pethokoukis
    thinks Obama's "plan" uses much less realistic forecasts than Ryan's

    "Key point: Obama budget uses economic forecasts rosier than Ryan's"!/JimPethokoukis/status/58555944535212032

  3. Obama has no plan to reduce the spending nor the deficit. To claim otherwise would be ignoring the facts at hand. He formed a debt commission and then rejected their suggestions. He then trotted out worn out rhetoric and class warfare in a partisan speech proving that he is good candidate, but clearly not a leader.

    As Mark Steyn wrote today, "Cometh the Hour, Punteth the Man"

    No wonder Modern defends Obama and Strickland...they both punted.

  4. Hey Modern, did you and the Plunderbund gang fill President Obama in on where all the secret trillionaires are hiding? You know, the ones with enough money to pay for the endlessly-growing entitlements you love?

  5. Newsflash: Ryan rejects the debt commissions recommendations, too.

    Ryan's "plan" is so detailed, that it can't even be legislatively scored by the CBO yet.


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