Monday, April 11, 2011

Unions hiring "volunteers" to fight Senate Bill 5

The vaunted "grassroots volunteer machine" that Ohio Democrats supposedly have is proving once again to be questionable.
Remember when we were told how their GOTV "juggernaut" was going to propel Ted Strickland to reelection victory last November? Turned out to be a big dud, of course. They came up short of their goals by 100,000 votes in Cuyahoga County alone.

And most of the effort they did have wasn't even comprised of volunteers. Let me explain to you what the term "grassroots" means for Democrats.

Democrats lining up to volunteer?  Or to get paid?

They had to PAY people to help them get out the vote with "street money". (Yes, they actually call it that.) Recall this glorious scene, 2 days after the election, when police had to be called because hundreds of angry "volunteers" gathered outside ODP headquarters because they weren't being paid, or if they HAD been paid, they were given personal checks without account numbers that bounced. (Democrats spending money they don't have?  Perish the thought!)

So, to repeat, "grassroots support" to Democrats means having enough cash to go to the homeless shelters and pay the people there to go around knocking on doors. And they couldn't even get that right. Nice going there, Chris Redfern.

Now, with the SB5 referendum drive, they are at it again, boasting about the volunteer force they supposedly have.
The Ohio Democratic Party say Wednesday that it's working with Labor and other progressive groups to begin the Herculean task of collecting at least 231,149 signatures needed to bring this issue [the referendum of SB5] to the ballot.

"We are thrilled that we already have over 1,500 volunteers committed to circulating petitions to collect these signatures," ODP leader Chris Redfern said in an email.
They're working with labor alright. To hire more "grassroots". Check out the ads that are popping up on Craigslist.
Stop the Attacks on Working Families! (Columbus)

If you have read the news lately, you have seen that workers in Wisconsin have had their rights to bargain for decent pay and benefits stripped away. Now we are seeing similar attacks being waged on Ohio’s workforce. We need to stand up and fight back!

Working America, a Community Affiliate of the AFL-CIO, is accepting applications for field organizers. If you have ever dreamed of being part of the Labor Movement, this is your chance.
We are the fastest growing progressive organization in the country. Job Requirements

*A passion for social justice
*Excellent communication skills
*Strong work ethic
*High level of integrity
*The ability to work full-time, Monday through Friday 1:30 pm – 10:00 pm, with some weekends
The parts in bold would lead one to believe that this is a parody ad, but sadly, its real.  Also revealing is that the AFL-CIO doesn't even hide their socialist leanings in this ad, as they brag about being a "progressive" organization.  And when you see the term "social justice", you can consider it interchangeable with the term "redistribution of wealth."

The grassroots of Ohio's left. "Volunteering" for $11.22 an hour.

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  1. Democrats paying people a decent wage? Oh the outrage!!!!

    Sounds like Democrats have created more jobs using SB5 than Kasich.

    Too bad the same snark wasn't used when the RGA hired an actor to portray a working man "outraged" over Strickland's policies when indeed NAFTA passed with Kasich's vote.

  2. Hahaha nice way to miss the point and try to change the subject, JD.

    I didn't say there's anything wrong with paying people to help your campaign. Duh.

    Its just funny that we keep getting told of the super grassroots volunteer force that the ODP has at its disposal. Yet, almost all the GOTV work they do is by paid workers.

    I'm not sure what point you are trying to make about the actor who got paid to make a commercial. Oh wait. Yes I do. You were changing the subject again. Analogy FAIL.

  3. The analogy is not a fail, good try though.

    You're equating paying people for services needed (and rendered) with diluting the message of grassroots. Kind of like how the fact that an actor had to be paid to portray an outraged working man dilutes the message that the working man is outraged and tired of Ted's politics.

  4. Additionally it's been well documented in the blogosphere and in print journalism that the failings of the payroll services of a contracted company had nothing to do with "Democrats spending money they don't have."

    The tone of 3BP has seen marked improvement since Keeling joined the public employee masses (again) and you're "man" enough (I don't make assumptions of your gender, hence the quotes) to admit when you're wrong and correct posts. Your bringing up a non-scandal that was through no partisian fault and has since been corrected without mentioning the correction is more aligned with Keeling's MO than your own and is unfortunate.

    PS - Working America has been looking for field organizers for the past 6 years. Those are typical posts just refreshed with recent events.


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