Thursday, August 9, 2012

Obama's War on Coal costs him the miners union endorsement

We have told you several times about the Barack Obama/Sherrod Brown War on Coal and the damage it is doing in coal country.

Despite ridiculous efforts by his minions to convince us otherwise, Obama's policies are destroying jobs. Just last week, another 239 Ohioans were laid off because of Obama's determination to bankrupt the coal industry.
"This is a sad day for all of us, and particularly Mr. Robert E. Murray, the Founder of OhioAmerican," said Mr. Piasecki. "He is so distraught that he came to the Mine and personally announced the layoffs to each of the employees," he added.

"Mr. Murray created OhioAmerican, and our production began in May, 2007," said Mr. Piasecki. The Mine was intended to last for at least ten (10) years. Now we have been forced by our own Country's President and his followers and supporters to permanently close the operation," added Mr. Piasecki.
It has gotten so bad in areas dependent on coal, that even the unions in the area are holding back their endorsement. The United Mine Workers is full of hard core Democrats. They endorsed warm-monger Al Gore in 2000, Kerry in 2004, and even endorsed Obama in 2008.

The Democrat running for President could always count on this union's endorsement, even an anti-fossil fuel candidate like Gore. But Barack Obama has done so much damage, that they are sitting it out this year.
"Our members count on coal-fired power plants and burning of coal to keep jobs,” Caputo said. “We’re a very Democratic union and we try to listen to the rank and file. They’ve sent a clear message that they’re not supportive of the environmental rules that are being put in place.”

UMWA President Cecil Roberts made headlines earlier this year when he invoked terrorism references to describe the actions of EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson and said that the agency’s rules could prevent UMWA from endorsing Obama. “The Navy SEALs shot Osama bin Laden in Pakistan and Lisa Jackson shot us in Washington,” Roberts said on a West Virginia radio show in April.
I wonder if Obama will send Ted Strickland down to tell those 239 Ohioans that there is no Obama War on Coal.

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  1. Love to see you pro-union, Nick. Funny thing is that if Roberts made the same comments about Kasich, you'd be hyperventaliting about them.

    The problem is that Murray Energy is a notorious conservative global warming denying industry with an abysmal track record on environmental and safety issues. Of COURSE, they'll blame some regulations that aren't even in force yet. But as your own last post on this topic pointed out, coal has been losing market share for years, especially recently thanks to natural gas fracking.


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