Friday, August 3, 2012

National Unemployment Rate Ticks Up Yet Again

The national unemployment rate is on the rise yet again under President Obama, with the rate rising from 8.2% in June to 8.3% in July.  Not that you'd know it from the lame-stream media:

To be honest, the economy did create jobs at a higher pace than anticipated, and the highest total in several months.  But even MSNBC had to admit the obvious:
But the economy still is far from creating enough jobs to do much for the 12.8 million Americans who are out of work. And the unemployment rate edged up to 8.3 percent from 8.2 percent in June, signaling that more Americans may have given up looking for work.
The numbers speak for themselves--Barack Obama has never been at the helm for an unemployment rate under 8%.  Of course, many on the left will simply cry that businesses are colluding to not hire and create jobs just so the economy looks bad enough for Romney to beat Obama.

But, given recent developments, everyone knows businesses don't create jobs--someone else makes that happen.  Small-business owners are simply the beneficiaries of our benevolent government.

Just ask Obama.

Given that our President appears to believe that the government bestows on us all things ever created, it's about time Obama started creating some friggin' jobs.

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  1. Barack Obama told me that if we spent almost a trillion dollars in "stimulus", that unemployment would be under 6% by now. And that it would never go above 8%.

    How'd that work out?

  2. Under Obama we've created more jobs in one term than Bush's two. We've had a long unbroken streak of national job growth. And the market responded positively to the jobs report because it was stronger than possible.

    Also, the only way unemployment rate goes up when the economy is growing jobs is because people are reentering the labor market faster than the economy is creating jobs. If people stopped looking for work, then the unemployment rate would have gone down, not up. The report also shows people are spending less time on unemployment before finding work and incomes are going up.

    1. modern - when you compare job creation between Bush and Obama, you are forgetting one very important fact. What if everyone that wants to work and can work already has a job? Historically, "full employment," the point at which everyone that can be employed is employed, has been considered 5%. During all but the very end of Bush's 2 terms, unemployment was between 4 and 6% with much of his 8 years below 5%. It even dipped slightly below 4%. The unemployment rate was so low for so long that now full employment is considered by many to be 4%. When everyone is already working, we are obviously limited as far as job creation to just the population growth. Even given that the unemployment rate was so low during so much of Bush's time in office, the economy added 2 million jobs in 2004, 2.5 million in 2005 and 2 million in 2006. Bush's net job creation for his 8 years was +1.9 million. As for your boy Obama, the economy added 1 million jobs in 2010, 1.8 million in 2011 and 1 million in 7 months this year (which would be 1.8 million for the year at this paltry pace). And that is after LOSING FIVE MILLION in 2009, and after spending $800 BILLION in stimulus and promising that the unemployment would not go over 8% (it actually went to 10 - remember?). So far, Obama's net job creation is -1.1 million. If you only want to count the months where the economy under Obama has added jobs, then he has added 4.3 million compared to 8.6 million under Bush. So even though Bush had much less room to add jobs due to lower unemployment every single month of his entire presidency than any single month in Obama's, and despite the millions upon millions out there unemployed under Obama, your boy still can't keep up. Where exactly do you get the notion that Obama has created more jobs than Bush? Oh, and by the way, all those jobs at Solyndra that he propped up for a few months with taxpayer money don't count since they are gone now. As far as your so-called "long unbroken streak of national job growth," it is 22 months long. Bush had 37 months of job growth. And Obama's streak has averaged 153,000 per month. Bush's streak which lasted almost 70% longer, averaged almost 20% more at 181,000 per month. What are you bragging about.

      P.S. - I have an extra calculator if yours is broken.

    2. Don't waste your time, Bryan. Modern will twist the facts every which way he can to make it look like Zero is an economic genius. It's sad.

  3. People are also too picky about what jobs they will do. I am currently working two jobs at the moment. Are they ideal? Lord no, but they are better than nothing while I am searching for my ideal job. If people REALLY wanted to work, they would find a damned job and work it, and keep looking for what they want. People in general are just too proud to take a job that they feel is "beneath them"...


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