Saturday, August 11, 2012

Romney goes with Paul Ryan

It's never been a secret that we are huge fans of Paul Ryan here at Third Base Politics. Former 3BPer Jon said this:
It's hard to make national headlines as Chairman of the Budget Committee, but Paul Ryan is making his mark.

And hopefully this is someone that can find a way to more senior office. I'd love to see how he would do as Governor of Wisconsin, but Republican wunderkind Scott Walker just won that job.

Senator, perhaps? Herb Kohl is up in 2012 and considering his age, 75, he may decide to retire.

Let's hope Paul Ryan gets the chance he deserves to raise his profile.
And a few months ago, I praised Ryan for these remarks he made in an excellent video.
"Let me ask you a question: what if your President, your Senator and your Congressman knew it was coming? What if they knew when it was going to happen, why it was going to happen and more importantly, what if they knew what they needed to do to stop it from happening and they had the time to stop it?

But they chose to do nothing about it, because it wasn’t good politics?"
And another post where I urged the GOP to get Ryan front and center more often:
The GOP needs to get Paul Ryan in front of the camera talking about the deficit issue as much as they can. He knows it inside and out, can debate it with the other side coherently, and do it without appearing overly partisan.

Ryan is a genuine leader. And I believe he genuinely wants to address this issue in a bipartisan manner. Unfortunately, the President is still kicking the can down the road and not getting serious about the "most predictable financial disaster in the history of this country."
So we are thrilled that Mitt Romney has chosen him to be his running mate, and the next Vice President of the United States. In case you missed it, here are videos of Romney's introduction, and Ryan's speech.

Let's do this.


  1. Ryan is a good choice, too bad he is not running for president, he is the boost this party needs!

  2. Really doubt that Ryan will be the next VP.


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