Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Democrats Showing Ignorance, Hubris

While many of us continue to comb through the results from last night, it seems Democrats are already turning their attention on 2014, showing not only their ignorance, but also a tremendous amount of hubris.

Photo courtesy of Karen Kasler, via Twitter.

One, I can't believe they actually had these things printed up.  It's one thing to wave around dumb hand-written signs; it's another to have printed materials.

Two, Democrats are really bad at math.  Given the current national debt or the $8 billion hole left by our last Democrat governor, this shouldn't be much of a surprise.

Perhaps they forgot that Governor Kasich's approval sits at 56%?  Or that a whopping 27% of Democrats would vote Kasich a second term? Even given yesterday's enormous Democrat turnout, Kasich's numbers have him up 14% on any potential Democrat challenger.

Despite the policies coming out of Washington that are strangling small-business owners and killing coal jobs, Governor Kasich is moving Ohio in a positive direction.  Perhaps Democrats would do well to consider the facts before spouting off about 2014.


  1. So they are bad guys because they're going to run against their opponent? Ok. Makes sense.

  2. Property taxes are going up because of Kasich's budget. > 50% of the school levies passed and levies requesting additional revenue was at a ten-year high.

    Kasich ran in 2010 saying that his election meant the GOP could stop Obama. He then led a coup of the GOP central committee under the auspices of stopping Obama. He now joins Bob Taft as governor's so weak that he could not deliver his State for his party's nominee. Strickland has delivered Ohio as Governor for Hillary in the primary, Obama in the general... now twice.

    In Strickland's midterm election, his party gain so many seats in the Ohio House that they won the majority... on a district map drawn by the Republicans. In Kasich's first midterm election, so far his party has gained one seat, but may wind up losing two when it's all said and done... on a map Kasich's folks drew and had a 4:1 money advantage. The only incumbents to lose re-election in the General Assembly last night were all Republican.

    "Democrats are really bad at math." Pretty amazing coming from the guy who was proven wrong on just about every metric he has said about the election we just had last night.

    I'll agree that Ohio's moving in the right direction, but not because of Kasich, and clearly the voters last night agree that Obama deserves the credit for the improving economy in Ohio, which by any metric, started to improve under Governor STRICKLAND nearly a full YEAR before Kasich took office.

    So, I think for a poll skewer conspiracy theorist who just got publicly embarassed last night, you're the absolutely last person in Ohio who should accuse anyone of hubris or being "really bad at math."

    1. Top ten list of Strickland's accomplishments. It's as long as Hillary Clinton's list.


      There was the license plate...

  3. Third Base Politics shows bitterness, ranklement.


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