Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Newest Ohio Supreme Court Justice

It's one thing to lose a distinguished, experienced and knowledgeable  jurist like Justice Robert Cupp.  It's another completely to not only lose him, but have him replaced by an unqualified, ill-equipped former judge turned nurse.

But that's who you elected, Ohio.  Ladies and Gentlemen, Ohio Supreme Court Justice-elect Bill O'Neill.

For those who are unfamiliar with our newest justice--having voted for him because of his familiar ballot name over the more qualified Justice Cupp--he's erratic, prone to rambling, and was investigated back in 2004 by the Disciplinary Counsel of the Ohio Supreme Court for potential violations of the judicial ethics canons.  Plainly put, his election was solely based on a good ballot name, and had nothing to do with his judicial qualifications.

But O'Neill doesn't seem to see it that way.  On his website, he responded to the criticism, crediting the Democratic party and special interests (you know, the ones he seems to rail against):
"Organized labor and the Ohio Democratic Party delivered the vote for the Irish team of O’Neill and Obama. It is that simple."
The Irish team of O'Neill and Obama?  Really?

In case our newest justice would like a lesson in "nameology," our President's surname is a derivation from Swahili and refers to members of the Luo tribe in Africa who converted to Islam.  

Dear Justice-elect O'Neill: President Barack Hussein Obama is not Irish.

How did we elect this guy?!

Having President Obama in the Oval Office and Senator Sherrod Brown returning to Congress is bad enough, but to have this guy sitting on our state's highest court is an embarrassment. 


  1. How did we elect this guy?

    Fair and square.

    1. No one is claiming voter fraud here. O'Neill capitalized on his name, because his ideology could never be elected.

      But when ODP Chairman Redfern cries foul over Justice-elect Kennedy playing the "name game," it rings hollow and hypocritical.

  2. LOL. Sarcasm completely lost on you, eh?

  3. PEOPLE OF OHIO. . .get your lazy butts up off of the sofa and do your homework! You can go online BEFORE you vote to find out which party affiliation the judges are aligned with. . .in the primaries, their party affiliation is listed on the ballot but in a general election (which is supposed to be non-partisan--what a joke--like that's how they are going to rule; in a non-partisan fashion--fat chance); in a general election, their party affiliation is left off of the ballot.

    It is extremely important to know the party affiliation of EVERY SINGLE CANDIDATE ON THE BALLOT and you can find that out in advance of voting but seems most Ohioans are to lazy; too preoccupied with being ME, ME, ME to learn who they are voting for.

    Sign our post: WeAreSurroundedByIdiots

  4. "WeAreSurroundedByIdiots"

    That's how a lot of us felt during the Bush years.

  5. Voters generally get the government they deserve


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