Sunday, November 2, 2008

The elephant in the room...

My apologies to all my loyal readers for the lack of posting today. I was traveling a bit and took some time to do what we all must do....GOTV.

A friend and I visited Virginia McCain HQ in Arlington, VA to make some GOTV calls this evening. We called around VA and even out in CO. The phone banks were pretty packed and spirits were high. But there was definitely an elephant in the more ways than one.

Things are close in VA. How close? Try three to four points...and closing fast.

But the only way we win Virginia, and every close and must-win state, is GOTV. This race is NOT over. You CAN make a difference. Tonight, call your local county Republican Party HQ. Find out where they are and go make some GOTV phone calls for an hour or two. You'll respect yourself in the morning...which I imagine is not what you were saying after you dressed up as a Sexy John McCain this past halloween weekend.

Keep an eye out for the official 3BP electoral college scenario post tomorrow afternoon. I'll put together what to look for as we head into the final stretch.

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