Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Too close for comfort.


Ah, I love Ted Knight. Brilliant actor.

But I digress! It seems a lot of national media is reporting that State Sen. Steve Stivers has indeed won the 15th District race in Ohio. After speaking with sources close to the campaign it is far from a done deal. Currently, Stivers is ahead of Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy by a mere 321 votes. Provisional and Absentee votes are currently being tabulated and there should be an unofficial update by the end of the day.

Keep your fingers crossed. Stivers is one of the good guys and would be a big win in the face of the Obama tidal wave.

But no matter what, Democrats actually do have something to be disappointed in...and that's a below expectations showing in the Senate and House races.

Dems were hoping to gain 30 seats in the House. As of right now they've gained anywhere from 13-18 seats. More are undecided but it's clear they won't be close to the 30 they were hoping for. And the Senate seems stuck at 56 for the Dems. Chambliss will win. So will Gordon Smith(pretty amazing, actually). And Coleman seems to have beaten Franken.

Now the Dems better be prepared to kiss Lieberman's butt.

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