Tuesday, November 4, 2008

How does the GOP respond to this?

Will they unite? Or will they spend the next two years stabbing eachother in the back to get to the top?

The problem with being in the absolute minority is that there is no clear Party leader.

Boehner? Not his style.
McConnell? Too bland.
The RNC Chair? Whoever it is will be too busy playing referee.

Newt? Palin?

We need a leader.

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  1. Lets be honest here. The GOP dropped the ball.

    For as much as I like Bush and approve of his presidency, he did a lot of damage. So did the GOP Congress he had for 6 years.

    We dropped the ball.

    Its time for the GOP to return to true conservatism. Limited government. Fiscal responsibility. These 2 areas are where Bush and the GOP congress failed to adhere to true American conservatism. They alienated their base. They did not govern like Reagan governed.

    Bush biggest failure was his communication and failure to defend himself from the relentless attacks. Reagan would not have taken the beatings W did, and failed to speak to the American people about it in a way that reaches them, like W has.

    Thats why we lost. We strayed from conservatism. And when we stuck by it, we failed to defend it.

    When I look for new leaders within the GOP, I will look for those who espouse the conservatism that made this country great, and can articulate and defend it, without coming off to America as a right wing extremist.

    These names immediately come to mind, even if some are not necessarily meant for the national level.


    I pray that others like us will come to the fore and lead America back to its roots.


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