Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Props to McCain

Great speech.

You fought hard against virtually impossible odds.


  1. John McCains concession was great. Truly a class act. We need more of that in our political system today.
    This is truly a historic event. While I'm disappointed in the outcome, I'm proud that America has elected someone of a different color. It epitomizes what American opportunity is about.
    That being said,
    there will be many times when I disagree with President Obama. Very many. And I will voice those disagreements.
    But I will not drive around with a "Not my President" sticker on my car. I will not be bitter.
    I will not wish for bad things to happen to my country, so that it makes the president I disagree with look bad.
    I am still an American. Barrack Obama is my President.
    And I hope he proves me wrong on many of the things I believe he will do to harm our interests.
    I will watch his speech, and go to bed, and go to work tomorrow.
    Good night.

  2. Facebook me. We've got work to do.

  3. Not sure how without your name or email.


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