Friday, February 26, 2010

Shannon Jones takes the first shot.

Ohio State Senator Shannon Jones has put out the first piece of official campaign literature hitting Governor Ted Strickland for his 3-C Slow Speed Choo Choo project.

And it's brilliant.
While I wish these kind of hits started back when 3BP was the among the first to knock the Governor on this issue, I have to give Jones credit for taking advantage of what surely will be a positive campaign issue for Republicans come the Fall.

As I've mentioned previously, it almost assuredly will benefit the GOP.

Keep up the good work, Senator.


  1. Haha! The funniest thing I saw all day was actually just how much worse your boss John Kasich's worst-week-ever could get. Let's recap: Started the week down in the polls. Campaign wets pants and changes strategy: let Kasich talk in public. Kasich totally rocks when actually allowed to speak for himself: he flip-flops on stimulus, gaffes on trains, and flip-flops on krazy tax plan! Campaign wets pants and goes back to old strategy: Web videos! Kasich reaches young, hip voters through the Internets, the tweets and the facebook. Campaign wets pants.

  2. Strickland is toast. Under 45% as an incumbant = toast.

  3. And that's among registered voters, not even likely voters.

    He's screwed.

  4. Good move to be against the train.

  5. All sane people are against the choo-choo.

  6. Has anyone seen Michelle actually speak to a group? Man, is she terrible.


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